Announcement Of Noria Update For MMORPG MU Legend

mulegendzen Date: Feb/13/18 02:16:37 Views: 1751

Developers MMORPG MU Legend have completed work on a major update Noria. Prepare to visit new dungeons, take a walk on a huge continent and encounter terrible creatures. And also in the game added outfit, pets, locations and auxiliary things.



Endless Tower


Having visited the Endless Tower you will have a chance to climb even higher. Now the maximum floor is 150. But to complicate the extraction of artifacts, the developers strengthened monsters from 1 to 100 floors. If the monsters are stronger, go and explore the continent of Noria. It is here that you find new equipment, things, pets and craft items. And also in this zone unique shower stones fall out. After inserting, your skills will acquire additional properties.


Talisman Dungeon


In this dungeon, the player will earn special Talismans that are useful for activating skills. But, to visit this sinister place can only gamers who have reached 70 level. Before entering, you should prepare well, as you can only visit the dungeon five times a day. And now let's talk about the dungeon itself. Once inside, you must protect the crystal from monsters by any means. If you stand 20 waves, you will receive a generous reward.