CBT2 of MU Legend Might Come in Early 2017

mulegendzen Date: Nov/30/16 03:37:13 Views: 1983

MU legend has announced on its Facebook page that CBT2 of Mu Legend might come in early 2017, because they need to work with the developers, and a period without access to the game will allow the developers to work backstage. In other words, if you missed the CBT1 which ended last week, you'll have a good wait from now on.


MU Legend


Players with access to CBT 1 will AUTOMATICALLY be included in CBT 2!


It is currently not possible to activate a beta key, however the official have great news for you: first of all, it is still possible to pre-register for the next CBT phase. Even better: if you had access to CBT1, you AUTOMATICALLY have access to CBT2, no new key or preregistration needed!


What's the status on the wipe/what will be the contents of OBT?


For some of the questions, it is still too early to give a definite answer as the devs still have a lot on their To-Do-List. Rest assured that the official will keep you updated as the progress allows you to get clear answers.


Did you take part in the first closed beta for MU Legend? What do you think needs to be changed or adjusted for CBT2? Tell us below in the comments.