Diablo MMO MU Legend Plans To Release In The Next Few Months

mulegendzen Date: Jan/15/18 16:32:08 Views: 1636

After the recent PvP update, the developers of MU Legend now concentrate only on the full version. A release of the Diablo-like MMORPG is scheduled for the next few months.



Since the update on January 9, you can participate in MU Legend Faction Wars. A special experience for players who enjoy PvP features. At the same time, the team announces that they are now focusing on the full version, which represents the next milestone.


After PvP, the release is now the big goal


The big Faction War update is active in MU Legend and invites PvP players to compete with other guilds. You are fighting for supremacy on your server with other guilds. This happens by conquering territories and extending empires.


Webzen's COO, Dennis Czybulka, says the faction update completes the OBT release. In Korea, this expansion has been a great success and the team is looking forward to seeing the rest of the world accept it.


"This will be the last update for MU Legend's OBT. From now on we will work exclusively on MU Legend's official release, which will include the much-anticipated new class, the Spellbinder," adds Czybulka.


When will the Open Beta Test of MU Legend be terminated? The full release of MU Legend is scheduled for the first quarter of 2018. Then your characters will go into the full version and you can keep popping there.


There will be no wipe! Through the soft launch you can take all characters, equipment, etc. into the full version. Your progress on the OBT has not been in vain.