Find More Details About MU Legend Voice Over From An Interview

mulegendzen Date: Aug/24/17 03:14:31 Views: 1556

WEBZEN, a global pioneer in the development and publishing of free-to-play games, revealed details about the work on voice over from MU Legend, the next-generation ARPG MMO.



WEBZEN has teamed up with Rene Veilleux and his team of actors from Verite Entertainment to record quality voices. Although his name may be totally unknown, his work is much less so. Rene Veilleux has earned a reputation by working on numerous games: The Elder Scrolls Online, Payday 2, How to Train Your Dragon (to name but a few).


Thanks to the experience and passion of his talented actors, he brings an epic dimension to the narrative that perfectly fits the atmosphere of MU Legend. The goal is obviously to give more personality and depth to the four classes (Dark Lord, Whisperer, Blader and War Mage) and the different NPCs that the player will encounter during his adventures. In order to provide a sense of immediate immersion, the game offers dialogues in English.




Designing a video game is not just swinging stupidly and nasty action on a screen. It is a sweet blend of flavors that combine to create a unique and delicate aroma. Thanks to an ingenious combination of intrigue, voice-over, in-game interactions and a captivating soundtrack, MU Legend provides an unusual experience that will satisfy first-time fans as well as newcomers franchise.


Rene Veilleux, CEO and Voice Director of Verite Entertainment, said: "When I first got the call from Webzen about the voice-over for MU Legend, I was really excited because I saw that there was a lot of action and adventure in this game. My intention was to make the voice-over grand and epic as well. My experience working with the team on MU Legend has been great. They've given me and the actors a lot of freedom to bring our own voice and vision to the game."


In order to share the passion of the artist for his work, WEBZEN invites all players interested in the profile of the studio and actors to watch this interview.