Fortnite Save the world Building guides for new players

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The building is one of the main gameplay elements of Fortnite. It consists of building, upgrading, and repairing basic structures such as walls, floors, stairs, and roofs, as well as placement of traps, to create a functional defensive Fort. Building structures require basic building Fortnite Materials, which are Wood, Stone, and Metal. These resources can be obtained through harvesting, found in reward packs, or from Expeditions.

Fortnite is easy to jump into for anyone that's touched a PC shooter in their lifetime. But get to the final ten players and the game changes completely, rewarding twitch reflexes and perfect aim equally with your ability to build a beautiful (or messy) fortress in seconds. For anyone new to Fortnite, it's the most frustrating ability to master, one that nearly made me quit altogether. But don't get too down on yourself—stick to a few simple principles, make a change or two to your habits, memorize a few important building patterns, and you'll fare much better. Our Fortnite building tips will set you on the path to becoming a master architect.

Husks Go for the Weakest Point
If you have two walls around an objective and one is upgraded while one is not, the husks will always aim for the weakest, non-upgraded wall.
By building strong wall constructions, you can section off parts of the map. This way you can funnel the Husks into your death traps as you will leave an open spot and fill this area up with death traps. You can place them on the ground, walls, and ceiling, heck you can create a tunnel of doom if you want.
Husks prioritize SHORTEST and WEAKEST paths to the OBJECTIVE
Husks do not consider traps as resistance when pathing
The player is secondary unless standing in/ close to their way
Husks will find a passage in a range of 3 tiles, so if you have your funnel within the walking range, they will take that path. If you specially construct your walls, as seen in the Buildplan below, the a.i. will rate them stronger as you have more fortification on one tile. You can also build a wall on the other side; however, this will also provide a barrier for you if you like to shoot from the top of your walls.

Husks Only Walk So Far
Trying to get husks to go to a kill tunnel? Well, they will only walk three tiles before deciding it is easier to bust through a wall. However, if you hit them with a wall launcher, this will reset their tile travel count.

Husks are Unpredictable
You sandwich. You kill tunnel. You reset their three tile walk. Unfortunately, husks are somewhat unpredictable. Don’t let it limit your creativity, but recognize that things may never go completely as planned.
You Can Use Wall Dynamos on Low Walls – Extra damage and a good idea for the first line of defense.
Destroy One Layer, Destroy Them All – If you are trying to level a three-story apartment building, all you have to do is destroy all the walls and stairs on the first floor. Without a base, the other two stories will disappear.

Push Husks off Ledges
If you can path husks by an edge (including the edge of the map), you can push them off with Wall launchers.

Push Husks in Basements
Some buildings have basements, and these are excellent. Clear the top of the building, destroy the stairs up from the basement, and push husks into it with Wall launchers. The husks will despawn if they cannot get up.

Triangle Walls as Stairs

Want stairs that husks can’t use? Built a triangle half wall. Heroes can walk right up to it, but husks cannot. Great for when you hollow out a basement for a despawn trap and people keep accidentally falling in.
Prevent Fall Damage With Jump Pads – If you build up super high, if you jump off, you will take fall damage. However, if you use a jump pad, even super high up, it will negate any fall damage.

The Art of the Sandwich

The “sandwich” is the style of building in which a stair tile or slanted roof is combined between two walls pieces, a floor piece, and a ceiling piece. This provides the most wall HP per tile and can be used to guide husks a different way since they will always path to the weakest point, within reason.

The Art of the Kill Tunnel

The above sandwich can be used to create kill tunnels, or they can be created in many different spots. Kill tunnels include a ceiling, two walls, and a floor tile, each on having a trap on it. However, make sure there are no gaps that husks can get through. You want them to use the tunnel.
Suggest for The Art of the Kill Tunnel
Try to funnel them into a three tile wide corridor. You may not need to do much, and a few walls to block off access down the sides may be enough. The position is key here.
Create full-size walls along each side.
Set up low walls (1 square high) in the middle of the corridor, that forces the husk to snake/zig zap down it.
Put floor spikes on the floor tiles to slow them down.
Put dynamo traps on all the low walls, on both sides.
Put wall dart traps along the side walls.
If you have the mats, put ceiling traps above them as well. Gas and the 3x3 aoe magnetic trap work well here.
Do not completely block the corridor at any point, as the idea is to let the pathing algorithm guide the husk through the snaking corridor.

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