Giveaway: Starter Packs To Get Started In MU Legend

mulegendzen Date: Nov/15/17 11:04:27 Views: 1388

In the wake of MU Legend's Western Open Beta, MMO sites partner with Webzen to distribute many Starter Packs, to get started in the MMO hack & slash.



For the past few days, MU Legend has been officially released in open beta in the West and the game is obviously generating a lot of craze - at least enough for new servers to be open.


To accompany this launch and facilitate our first steps in the MMO hack and slash, many MMO websites join the Webzen studio to distribute many Starter Packs, containing three days of Platinum Service, a Type A Costume and Constellation Wings bonus (both usable for three days), as well as ten Holy Recovery Potion L.


To activate the code, you will need to go to a special page(, enter your Webzen account, enter our key into the line "Enter your code", click the "Next" button, and then select the region, server and character.