MMO Features Set MU Legend Apart From The Crowd

mulegendzen Date: Dec/27/17 15:43:47 Views: 1365

MU Legend is an action RPG that may not have many on the radar. The game has been in a worldwide open beta since November 7th. MU Legend does not want to reinvent the wheel of Hack 'n Slay games, but make it rounder. The special feature of MU Legend are the many MMO elements such as dungeons or PvP combat. The difference to known Hack'N'Slay games like Diablo 3 becomes clear.



You create a character of four classes (Tank, Melee DPS, Ranged DPS, and Sorcerer) and experience defeat once. Because although you start as a brilliant hero, you have to start from scratch after a fatal fight against a huge beast. Never mind, the leveling-up and skilling is part of every good action RPG. And that's exactly what you can do twice with MU Legend. Because during the action-packed battles against legions of enemies you rise up in two levels. One is your character level, which determines what equipment and talents you can use. In addition, there is your soul level, which is divided into several sections such as attack, defense, support and miscellaneous.


You will gain experience not only in quests, but also in the many popular dungeons of the ARPG. Here you choose the difficulty itself and you get more EXP and better loot. Whether alone or in a group - the MMO features set MU Legend apart from the crowd as an action RPG.


In the game world you are traveling with other players, with whom you can either band together and experience adventures together, or compete with each other in PvP arenas.