MU Legend Before Open Beta: What Can The Action RPG Actually Do

mulegendzen Date: Aug/04/17 14:00:38 Views: 1283

The Open Beta of MU Legend starts next month. So that you are well prepared, we show you the core features of the Action RPG. Where is MU Legend, what features were taken over from the predecessor and how were they improved? These and other questions can be clarified in this overview.



In September 2017 the open beta of MU Legend starts and opens you the gates to the world of the new action MMORPG. In order to be well prepared for this test phase, we present the core features of the game in this overview. Game modes, graphics and various gameplay aspects are interesting for newcomers and veterans.


Fight On The MU Continent - Veterans Recognize Places Again


Your adventures play on the continent MU, which you could already explore in the predecessor "MU Online". In the new part of the series, you will learn about the events that took place there before Kudun's attack.


Those who have already played MU Online will find classic game elements that have been linked to a new gaming experience. You will fight monster hordes with the redesigned Dark Lord class or one of the other three classes (Whisperer, Blader and War Mage) that are available to you so far. In a teaser, the new Emphasizer class for MU Legend was recently shown.


With these strong classes, you fight against nasty monsters in the new areas of the Action MMO. Also discover the business districts of Dudrin, Tempano and Ohrdor. During the adventure of MU Legend, veterans will encounter familiar areas like Litenberg and Noria, which they already know from their predecessors. A completely overhauled graphic and an even better reward system should enhance popular events like the Blood Castle.



Known Wings And Companions Are There


The wings of the characters are also an element that has been adopted and improved in the new part of the series. In MU Legend they are even more important than before, because now you can develop and improve the wings.


Features such as the Jewels of Bless and the Jewels of Soul can recognize veterans in MU Legend. Also old pets and mounts like Fenrirs, Unirias and Tibettons are again present.


Newcomers Can Easily Enter The Game


In MU Legend, you are slowly introduced into the action MMO with hack & slash mechanics. For beginners it is not a problem to solve main and secondary quests to finally reach the maximum level. During the level phase, you follow a story and try out your abilities. If you want to get to know your character, you can use the PvE and PvP content of MU Legend.


Each, currently four classes, has different skills and a comprehensive skill set. You'll also find Crest and Artifact systems that you can try out in the game.


The maximum level of the classes is 65, but the real challenge is mastering the Soul Level System, which has a level of 500. The soul level brings you important bonuses for your Attack, Defense and armor values ??that have a strong impact on your characters.



Classic Duels in PvP Mode - More In Planning


The PvP fans get their money's worth in MU Legend. From the beginning, you can participate in classic duels, which are available on the various battlefields. There you'll find your friends and find out who has the more powerful builds.


Duels are too boring? You can also look forward to arena battles, which are more intense. You try to defeat the AI character of another player 10 times in a row. After a victory, you can choose whether you will fight another fight or receive the win streak and pay out the appropriate reward.


Further PvP features will be prepared, which will be published in the soon future. There are plans for guild wars with epic battles for territories and 3-vs-3 cooperative fights in which teams compete with each other with three players.


Until the beginning of the beta will be released more videos to MU Legend, which will give you more insights into the features of the game. The introductory video for MU Legend is here in the next article.