MU Legend Delays Its Open Beta In November

mulegendzen Date: Aug/30/17 10:59:38 Views: 1281

Launched in Korea in March and originally expected in the West this summer, MU Legend will be launched in Europe in November. Webzen Dublin intends to rely on the Korean version to adapt the western version of the hack and slash MMO.



Last March, the Webzen studio officially launched the open beta of MU Legend in South Korea, while also promising a western version of the hack and slash MMO. The game has already been the subject of several phases of tests in the West more or less confidential in the spring and in particular to refine the location, Webzen Dublin delayed the open beta to "this summer". Obviously, it will have to be patient again since the studio is now planning an open beta next November.


To explain this delay, Pierre Vandenbroucke (the producer of the international version of MU Legend) relies on both the Korean version and the localization in six languages. Apart from the fact that the adaptation of the game in six languages ​​takes time (this is what justified the first postponement), the Korean version is mainly the opportunity for the developer to gather the opinion of the local players and to deploy bets ("Adjustments of certain functionalities" and re-balancing, in particular). The Webzen Dublin studio intends to take advantage of this experience to adapt the Western version of MU Legend before it is launched - the method is considered more efficient as well as to launch the version of the beta 2 and then to gradually improve it.


We will revert anyway that Webzen Dublin takes the time to refine its version of the hack and slash MMO and that MU Legend should therefore be launched in November.