MU Legend Further Customization And Playable Content

mulegendzen Date: Feb/13/18 02:19:30 Views: 1584

In 2001, MU Online was released to the pure happiness of hordes of fans all around the world. This marked the birth of the MU franchise globally. In 2018, 17 years later, MU Legend pays tribute to those unforgettable days, embodying much of what made its eldest ARPG brother so unique: Atmosphere, lore, game mechanics and much more. While staying true to the essence of the MU franchise, MU Legend comes with its own flavor and richness for players to discover. It’s the product of a new vision that emerged from the minds of the MU Legend developers, generated with experience acquired over more than a decade.



The game offers a variety of ways to further customize and upgrade the combat proficiency, primarily using the Soul Box system where each level a player acquires a Soul XP point to spend on various Souls that can improve their character's stats and abilities in different ways. The Soul Box is divided into four areas: Defense, Attack, Support or Misc, with each area having four individual Souls to upgrade by putting points into it. As points are spent a Soul's power increases and at different point milestones unlocks additional benefits, giving extra benefits to those players who forgo versatility in favor of specializing. The individual Souls can range from Physical Attacks, Magical Defense, XP earning and Zen earned from enemies. 


Beyond the Soul system players can improve their character through skill Mastery at later levels, crafting and upgrading wearable artifacts, and acquiring and training Pets as battle companions that provide a variety of boosts when they are summoned. 


MU Legend provides a variety of PVP and PVE focused content and events like Dungeons and Rifts. The game has numerous instanced based dungeons that can be entered all around the world, often story driven this content is repeatable and can be played solo or coop with a group. With Rifts the dungeons themselves are procedurally generated and so the monsters players face and the layout of the dungeon itself is different every time, with the content they go up against being scaled to the player. Players can choose the difficulty of standard dungeons to increase the challenge and available rewards, whereas periodically Rifts open up Dark Rifts which naturally have an increased difficulty.


Players can battle against AI version of other players in the 1 vs 1 Arena Event, or they can go head to head in team based battles with the Altar of Spirits for some point capture matches with either 5 vs 5 or 10 vs 10 matchups.