MU Legend Is An Action RPG With Several Levels Of Difficulty

mulegendzen Date: Jul/18/17 15:53:20 Views: 1670

MU Legend is the official sequence of the famous MU Online, also developed by the Korean company Webzen Games. Formerly known as MU2, the MMORPG promises to renew the gameplay of the series, but without betting on nostalgia. The global open beta phase began on September, bringing the main news awaiting players at the launch. Check out the first impressions of the game:



A New MU


MU's face is new and this is undeniable. However, it does not bring anything very innovative compared to other games of the same genre. What it does, in fact, is to "conform" to the style of the current in various aspects, such as combat and gameplay. Of course, those who hope to find remnants of MU Online, will not be disappointed.


MU Legend is an action RPG with several levels of difficulty. It suits both the couple player, who prefers to focus on the PVE, with uncomplicated gameplay, and for those who opt for something more "hardcore" and want to invest in the character progression directed to PVP.


The beta phase will show four of the game's five available classes - "Dark Lord", "Whisperer", "Blader" and "War Mage" - which all feature features similar to the original Mu Online. Classes are restricted by gender and only Emphasizer was not available. The information about each character appears arranged on the creation screen, where you can customize them with hair, colors and some tattoos.


The "Dark Lord" was already an existing class, being a hybrid between wizard and warrior. The "Whisperer" very much resembles the class of "Fairy Elf", also handling bow and date. Already the "War Mage" is the standard mage with high damage and the "Blader" the warrior class of the game.


However, even with varying classes, the gameplay does not differ much between one and the other. Since almost all of them attack the distance or use spells, with the exception of the "Blader", simply press the skill buttons repeatedly to reach their target.



Combat And Progression


The combat and character progression still resemble the predecessor game, but with additions that bring positive differences to the game. The principle of combat is still the same: join a lot of enemies and annihilate them with a shower of skills. However, the current style reminds more Diablo or Grim Dawn, with regard to mechanics.


Besides the main level, the character gains an extra status, called "Soul Level", which brings with it points that can be distributed among its attributes. But, unlike other games, they are not limited to attack, vitality, dexterity or intelligence. In fact, the points are allocated in status like physical attack, magic attack, critical strike chance, magic defense and more. 


Skills controls are on the Q, W, E, R, and T buttons, while the character's move is all done at the click of the mouse. Players accustomed to Q, W, A, S, D will probably miss the first few commands. However, the gameplay is quite simple. The combination of skills is done in his own way.



Dungeons And More


Most PVE content in the game is quite easy and without major challenges. The level progression is almost automatic, done only by main campaign missions. Fortunately, the "dungeons" are a full plate for those who are looking for more difficulties.


They are present in great quantity and are divided into different levels, from the easiest to the near impossible. The level does not only affect the boss's difficulty, but also improves the chances of getting rare or stronger items at the end of the fights.


Rifts, however, fit the character's level, but this does not make them any easier than dungeons. As the player advances above level 45, he will be practically forced to do "dungeons" and "rifts" as a team.


Bosses have varying abilities, in which many of them have area reach, making the player think strategically - and not just keep pushing the same button over and over again. In order to prevent players from taking advantage of rifle items, they are limited to a daily amount.


The PVP works in arena, in direct combat, and it is no longer possible to attack any character on the map. This detail can be either a negative or a positive point depending on the player. However, there is room to agree that this detail prevents the community from becoming toxic or that players have an advantage over others.



Graphics And Sound


Even though it's a game developed in the graphics engine of Unreal Engine 3, MU Legend has beautiful graphics and fluid animations. It has light requirements and does not bring difficulty to anyone running it at maximum settings. What could improve is the interface. Only the skill bar occupies almost the entire bottom of the screen. The menus are at the top, glued to the character's information, causing some visual pollution.


MU Legend is a solid action RPG with features that will appeal to fans of the genre and its predecessor. However, it does not bring anything that impresses or stands out beyond the name. Its mechanics work very well, combat is fun and natural progression, with challenges that bring a sense of reward when completed, as is the case of dungeons.


But overall, it fits the pattern too much, running the risk of, in the long run, becoming just another Korean MMORPG.