MU Legend Is The Ideal Way To Persuade Someone To Play MMORPG

mulegendzen Date: Dec/21/17 15:31:36 Views: 1368

MU Legend is one of the most anticipated MMORPGs. With the tradition of the legendary MU Online next to a gameplay scale and graphics impressive, MU Legend promises to become a mad storm in the future.



Online game fans are turning to the name MU Legend - the next big hit of the MU Online series is classified legend in world. With the ambition to further enhance the traditional value of robbing every gamer heart, MU Legend will create a whole new storm in the gaming world when released in the future. This will be a great opportunity for MU Online fans to enjoy one of the new generation of MMORPG Korean as well as the world.


Speaking to MU Legend is that they are referring to one of the MMORPGs that is expected by the online gaming community worldwide. Formerly known as MU 2 and undergoing a period of great development, MU Legend still has great ambition. Just stepped into the Open Beta few days ago, this title MMORPG has soon let the gaming community immersed in his rich world.


The game naturally starts with choosing a class. Here is already indicated what the types of build you can make with each class. Two final stages are briefly displayed. Of course you can also make a hybrid shape, but you immediately have a good idea of the possibilities. Then you continue to create your character. You do not (yet) have so many options to customize your character. For example, the classes are gender locked, which means that for example a War Mage is always a man and a Whisperer is always a woman. You can choose whether you are a human or an elf.


You get the choice between one of the two final stages of your chosen class. Then you play a linear piece of story with your character as level 100. So you immediately have access to all your ultimate abilities, six wings and absurd power. So you can test whether this build is really something for you. If not, you can activate another end path and test it or choose another class immediately.


After the intro you come in an area where you get to know the lore and the game mechanics. You get nice amounts of xp for crafting your first weapon. Raft in the story you can choose your first mount: a horse or a large scary beast. Then you can also unlock your first set of wings. These wings are mainly aesthetic, because you only float above the ground. So you can not fly over mountains. You can just click on the map where you want to go and that will make you rarely use the mount. 


The story in the beginning and the quests are very simplistic. There is quite a lot of loot for a hack 'n' slash game. In addition, most shoots are very similar. The quests are often "make five of this dead", "talk to this and that", "turn it off", but this boring part largely changes as soon as you leave the first area with an airship. Then MU Legend really becomes fun, because the story becomes more interesting, the shoot becomes more fun and the environments are more interesting.


Starting a guild is expensive. That is very good to do if soloing through the story. In the beginning you can die in a dungeon, but if you get enough, then you are strong (and tactical) enough to handle them all. Crafting can be tricky, but by dismantling unnecessary things you come a long way. You have a decent big backpack to take with you. Think of your standard backpack, but with two more tabs. You have this space from the beginning and that is a party. Finally, you have a pet that travels with you. This can give you a boost, so that you are stronger, or really actively fight. By making pets stronger and sacrificing you can give other animals a boost again. It is an interesting system, where the possibility of giving your own name to your animals was the best for me. If you like that too: you can even give your own name to your weapons.


MU Legend is a nice away game. It does not require too much concentration, but provides enough pleasure to continue with it. It is a lot easier than for example Path of Exile, but it also has many more MMO elements. At this moment MU Legend is the ideal way to persuade someone to play MMORPG.