MU Legend: Presentation Of Character Classes

mulegendzen Date: Feb/13/18 15:23:01 Views: 1575

H'n's MMORPG from Webzen MU Legend raises hopes for a repeat of the success of the hit of the previous decade. If you belong to a group of happy key holders and you are in the process of downloading the game client, it is worth getting acquainted with the available classes now, to focus only on a solid rivalry later...



Dark Lord


"Once wonderful knights, arousing fear and respect on the battlefield. In desperation, they made a decision to sacrifice the human part of their being to God the cause in exchange for great power. Their dedication has changed their appearance and their humanity inside them. They are guided by a cool calculation. They resigned from leading a normal life, recognizing that they are no longer normal people. Their unusual strength dominates the battlefield, but victory does not bring them satisfaction. Wandering from the battle to the battle in search of the target, they gained the title of Dark Lord, which is determined by those who saw them in battle."




"Created as an effect of an experiment aimed at protecting their people, Bladerzy are brutal warriors, pushed by their own fury to fight as representatives of lower classes. Pleszsu rebellion was suppressed during the Great War, the only chance to fight against oppression was to create the perfect warrior - Kanturians and people began to experiment with the effect of madness on the warrior to make him stronger. As a result, a warrior of unstoppable strength and will to fight - a "Blader".




"Masters of hiding, wielding powers of nature, settlers from the Whispering Forest possessed a set of unique skills that made their battle achievements famous. Their individual abilities make them perfect scouts, discreetly blending in with the surroundings, or quietly eliminating selected targets, are extremely valued and sought after. Swift in motion, deadly in the clash, their ranks are growing. They attack with ranged weapons and use forces of nature and elements to eliminate enemies. Their speed, grace and skill gave rise to the aisle that began to be defined Whisperers."




"Outcasts of society, confident, believing that they are better than ordinary magicians. War Mages. Expelled for experiments that lead to the unnatural growth of their magical talents. They were considered too dangerous. As the outlaws, they sought happiness as mercenaries, trying to control their unnatural powers. When they did, they began to create their own spells - more powerful than known to any conventional magicians. They dance on the battlefields, devastating them with the devastating magic of the elements, surrounded by aura of self-confidence and a sense of self-superiority."




It's a character that can perform a secondaryrole through buff and debuff as well as ranged attack performance. She controls the bison andthe chakra, and reveals a variety of effects that control the part of the battlefield.The second female character of MU Legend, which can be selected as both human and Kantura, is'Emphasizer', a supportive wizzer with powerful attacks on ranged attacks, buffs and debuffs aswell as ability to control the broadcasters. Unusually, she wears horns instead of helmets, and shehas already attracted the attention of users as she stands out in her beautiful outfits.