MU Legend Rank Is An Important Aspects Of Personalization

mulegendzen Date: Aug/15/17 13:50:14 Views: 1454

Countdown to open beta is in full swing. In our difficult journey back in time and back to the continent of MU, we can already see the silhouette of the "Endless Tower" on the horizon.



This is a great time to talk about some of the features of MU Legend. Let's start with what might seem insignificant at first glance, but nevertheless, along with weapons and armor is one of the most important aspects of personalization in the game: Ranks!


• "Ranks" probably does not sound so impressive, but if you think about it, it's a great way to express your individual style of play.

• If you play a lot of PvP and dominate your opponents, perhaps you will have the "Challenger of Kundun" title.

• If you prefer PvE, and you like to go through the dungeons, then you can get the title of "Blood Castle Expert".

• Or, if you are a sociable person and you like to fight in a group, then you can get the title of "Community Protector".

• Potential here is almost infinite, so you will get a lot of fun and emotion, earning all kinds of titles.

• Ranks are also an excellent opportunity to show other players what you have already achieved in the game. Is the winner of 10,000 spiders not worthy of an impressive title? And if a player after 50 attempts has not passed a certain boss, then he too deserves a title for such an "Achievement".

• Getting special and big achievements is not just getting good words over your character's head. For some of them you can get real awards, such as wings or pets, but we'll talk about this in another article.


Of course, we translated the titles. This is the title of the character "GM B_ergarox" on behalf of "GM Alex". In English, it is displayed as "Savior of Litenberg".


Finally, we are pleased to announce that the loyal MU Legend satellites that fought with us during CBT1, as well as CBT2, will be rewarded for their efforts with one or even two unique titles. The people who participated in both CBT1 and CBT2 will be rewarded with one more special title.


These titles are not available anywhere, they are simply a sign of our gratitude, of your patience and dedication.