MU Legend Soundtracks: What Will Be Showed In Game

mulegendzen Date: Jul/26/17 22:39:30 Views: 1161

Now, the latest talk of MU Legend to join the spotlight is the game soundtrack. The official Facebook page posts an article to introduce the man of the MU Legend hour, Jesper Kyd, a Danish music composer that has been creating music in some form for almost 30 years since 13 years old.



MU Legend team think the soundtrack of video games is powerful while it possibly is the most underrated aspect to the game, "It's always there but never distracts you from what’s on screen. However, not only does it transcend the scene beyond the pixels, it transports you to strange and fascinating locations, builds the tension of an historical recreation, and shakes you down to your very core.'


The soundtrack will builds memories that bring you back to the moment you experienced it with a single note of music in your head. 


As the post said, the composer Jeremy Soule brought pure euphoria to MU players, "Picture the serene landscape of Skyrim, wildlife populating the higher grass with popping contentment as the stream crashes against the rocks filling the landscape with a bass that continues through to the night. As the stars litter the sky like specks of sand, the Aurora Borealis descends on the world."


With the musical support of Jesper Kyd, MU Legend would like to bring extremely profuse feelings to our players. There will be many instantly memorable tracks need to show in MU Legend: vast wastelands of Pandora, the strange creatures that inhabit the landscape... 


"It all looks and feels familiar but something isn't quite right and the music encapsulates that uneasy feeling with echoing haunts. Then bandits appear and the music breaks into an adrenaline-fuelled drumline as enemies rush you with reckless abandon."


His knowledge and ability is incredible while he has worked on many games: Assassin's Creed, Hitman, Borderlands, Splinter Cell and State of Decay. If you are interested in his music, check out the video below to see his contributions to MU Legend.