MU Legend: The Follow-Up Has Been In Development

mulegendzen Date: Jul/19/17 03:28:07 Views: 1377

MU Legend is the second 3D MMORPG to be developed by Webzen and they actually make it offshore of South Korea. It is a follow-up to MU Online, which is the first 3D MMORPG to leave the shores of South Korea and make its name overseas. The follow-up has been in development since the year 2004, and the game has the same controls and user interface as the original MU Online game.



The Big Follow-Up To MU Online


MU Legend allows you to pick a character and then run around arenas battling other online players. It is based on Unreal Engine 3, which is why it has a similar feel to other battle-arena games. However, the controls and fight technology is original as per the MU Online theme. MU Legend is not a clone of other battle arena games that are based on Unreal Engine 3. The graphics are far better than the original MU Online, and the style is subdued, which is a big change from modern arena games that are too colorful and loud. You will be very impressed with the stylish way in which the characters are introduced, and you can tell that the developers have spent days getting the character design just right. Lots of work has gone into the way this game looks.


There Are Few Excuses For Not Playing This Game


It is a free hack-and-slash battle arena game that you can play online. The only excuse for not playing the game is if your computer is not powerful enough to handle the graphics, and the graphics are impressive to say the least. The sheer amount of work that has gone into this game is reason enough to give it a try. The game is popular, so you should have no trouble finding people to play against.


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