MU Legend - The Next Stage Is The Open Beta

mulegendzen Date: Aug/05/17 13:58:35 Views: 2172

Developer Webzen has listened to the feedback of the closed beta! A series of changes to the MU Legend gameplay has been implemented and there is clarity about the level cap. The next stage is the open beta, which will start shortly. Webzen keeps the date even more secret, but it's at least in September.



MU Legend is a prequel of the classic MMORPG MU Online. To clarify this, some classical areas from MU Online come back in MU Legend. For more information about the game, gameplay, the classes and our experiences click here. The fans did not think the wings were broken and therefore they were redesigned. You can upgrade your wings three times, giving you bonuses like a faster regeneration of your health.


The Dark Lord class has been modified, there are more maps and the cities have got more stores. The level cap is at level 65. Then you can upgrade your Soul Level to a level up to 500. Your Soul Level gives you additional bonuses, including your attack and defense.


There is a PvP arena, where you can fight up to ten times against another player. After each won battle you have the choice to take your prize or fight for a bigger reward. Webzen promises us further guild vs guild and 3v3 for the PvP fans.