MU Legend Tips And Tricks: Solo Or Group

mulegendzen Date: Jun/29/17 21:41:40 Views: 1376

MU Legend is an action RPG from Korea based on the time-honored MMORPG MU Online. MU Legend is the official successor to MU Online and has been under development since 2009. The game started in October 2016 in the first closed beta, German players can play the beta from 21 February. 



MU Legend is similar to Diablo, but also has many MMO components. For example, we can get together with several players and even explore instances and dungeons. These are always randomly generated and thus offer new challenges. 


For some newcomers, it's quite difficult to choose playing solo or joining a group. How efficient grouping is? What are the advantages of guilds? Here we'll give you some advices and hoping it can help you.


For solo players, spending your points wisely is good for your game. Partying always good but this game is not good at fps as going with group may even drop fps to 10. MU Legend can be played solo and is quite fun, but that takes a while longer to complete dungeons.


Soloing is ok for most leveling content. Rifts and some dungeons can be soloed fine, but later dungeons and if you want to do rifts way faster, you should get a group. You can consider kiting friendly class like mage or archer for soloing. While kiting is useless, just do the endless tower and die from boss leap.


Anyway, the game has not been optimized efficiently, so if you need more tips about playing MU Legend, stay tuned at