MU Legend Tutorial For Crafting Items In Game

mulegendzen Date: Feb/06/18 02:21:47 Views: 1955

An important way to enhance your character in MU Legend is equiping high quality gears. In addition to items you loot in battles, crafted items can be another good source.



Crafting allows all players to create their own items. Initially, it gives you access to items that have a similar quality to those dropped by regular monsters. With successive levels their crafting items quality increases significantly - at level 65, each player is able, on condition of having the right materials, to create the most powerful items in the game.


How to disassemble a thing?


To do this, you need to go to a dealer arms or armor, "talk" to him and choose the menu "Dismantle Item". Item is divided into 9 grades, which are Common, Uncommon, Rare, Heroic, Legendary, Ancient, Mythic, Set and Unique. They also have various stat options, in addition to attack and defense. The higher the grade of the equipment, the more additional stats it offers. Stat values will also increase based on the level and grade of the equipment.


All button assignments:


Register all common items from your inventory

Register all unusual (Uncommon) items from your inventory

Register all rare (Rare) items from your inventory

Register all Heroic items from your inventory

You can register set and legendary (Set / Legendary) things separately

Dismantle Item - Disassemble all registered items

Withdraw All - Return all registered items to your inventory.


Disassembled items will leave different materials for crafting. The better the grade, the better the materials it will leave.


How to craft a thing?


In order to craft a thing, you need to approach the craftsman NPC and talk to him. 


In this window there are two tabs - equipment and consumables.

Equipment: you can create weapons and armor.

Consumables: you can create various consumables, including materials for magic stones and legendary wings.


In the window you display items that you can craft, as well as the necessary materials for their crafting. Also, a filter system for finding things by its level is built in.


It can take a long time to collect enough materials for crafting top-grade items, so it's important that you keep hunting as many monsters as possible and make a steady effort to collect. Some rare materials are difficult to obtain, thus you may have to defeat the designated bosses in order to get them.