MU Legend - What To Do After Hit Level 65

mulegendzen Date: Jul/03/17 17:06:49 Views: 1961

We have mentioned tips on how to hit level 65 in MU Legend, and in this article, we'll tell you the next step to do to start getting better gear.



The first important thing, explore some. Start with your daily entries. Then you can farm the other dungeons that do not have an entry limit. It's preferable to do them in calamity/5man groups but don't let them expire use them all before 5am.


  • Most notably you should go ahead and get a costume. They give 5% life and 14.5k CP

  • You can get pets from gardens.

  • Complete in town quests if you skipped them.

  • Luna's library: you will find items in rifts that allow you to enter these. They are preset difficulties depending on the rarity of the item. These are better than normal rifts because they have 2 bosses and offer you purples at the end if you pick the right one.

  • You can spend your blue gem currency for gear at the vendor. It's normally crap but if you are close to your cap of 1000 go ahead and buy pets or buy boxes. Otherwise save these to enter the lab

  • Start farming uncommon enhancements for your skills

  • Upgrade your wings. Personally I'm waiting on my next set of wings before throwing my mats and currency at the generic pair.

  • Get the mats needed and make sure to craft a signet.


Hope this helps. Do you have more specific tips? Share with us below our official media. We'll continue to post more news and guides on!