MU Legend Will Be Available For Free In Spanish

mulegendzen Date: Oct/16/17 02:04:34 Views: 1592

Webzen brings the excellent gameplays, and this time dedicated to the MU Legend. A game type rpg, that is to say this type of games that resemble in its gameplay to the known Diablo of Blizzard. Well, MU Legend is the continuation of already famous MU Online, with this game totally Free to Play, Webzen continues with the successful saga of the world of MU.



In MU Legend, will be available for free and totally in Spanish, starting on November 7 in the form of open beta.


MU LEGEND will include great improvements compared to its previous title and already offers, from the beginning, a style of game focused entirely on action and speed, following the purest tradition of hand-to-hand fighting. MU Legend is no longer a Diablo type game, unlike most RPG games, all classes of MU LEGEND start directly with powerful effect area skills, which makes leveling up an exciting and satisfying experience for players of any level.



A game totally recommended and to which we will pay special attention. The great response in the form of support that have given gamers around the world has this game, predicts that it will be one of the most successful new to play in 2017.