MU Legend Will Have Server Merge Next Week

mulegendzen Date: Mar/09/18 16:16:41 Views: 1605

MU Legend is preparing for the unification of its servers and with that to be able to offer a better game environment for all of you, the procedure will happen during the maintenance of the next Tuesday, 13/03.


The "old" servers will be unified on a new server and will be classified as "Legacy Server", along with this unification, new servers will be made available from the Spellbinder update, which will happen on 03/20.



With these changes in the servers, we are aiming for a better game environment for everyone in MU Legend: The servers will receive a definitely warmer market, a more active Dungeons and PvP game builder and even more competition for the territories in the Faction War, all thanks to the greater concentration of players on the same server.


Calendar for the Unification of Servers: Maintenance on Tuesday, 13/03.


Unification will affect all current servers.

Each new server will be classified as "Legacy Server".


EU Server

■ Muspell / Lenavis / Anilata / Dullahan → Sezak Legacy Server

European Server

■ Duprian / Lunedill / Icarus / Muren → Zephiros Legacy Server

SEA Server

■ No unification, but will become a Legacy Server.


Want a fresh start again? New servers will open on 03/20, giving players the opportunity to start again (if they want!). Are you ready to compete at the top of the rankings?


Now, we invite you to note down the details of which functions will be (or are not) affected by the unification of the servers.

Each function will simply be defined with two different classifications:

• Reset - canceled/cleared for the new server.

• Transferred - data carried and/or relocated as it was from the old to the new server.

The most important and crucial information was entered at the top of the list.


Account Deposit: Reset -> Only one Account Deposit will be copied (the one with the most recent login).

All other deposits will be restarted. In practice it means that if you play on more than one server and want to transfer the items present on that "second" server, you will need to position them in the character inventory, it will be transferred and unified on the new "Legacy Server".



Available character spaces:

All characters will be transferred exactly as they are (Ex: All characters will keep their parameters and names as they are on the current server -> No changes).

There will be 3 character spaces available on the new server - up to 10 spaces will be available if you have freed them on the "old" servers.

In case you have more than 10 spaces by adding your characters to the different servers, the 10 characters with the most recent login will be transferred.

MU Legend will keep all data in relation to your characters.



Rankings: All rankings will be restarted.

Guild Name: Transferred -> In case of duplicate names, once the Guild Leader connects to the new server, he will be able to change the Guild name.

All Duplicate Name Guild Leaders will receive a Guild Name Exchange Ticket.

Guild Members Information, guild level, guild announcements, benefits, funds, trophies, contribution assessment, authority Info -> Transferred.

Guild Territories: Reset -> The territory season will be finalized. A new season award system will arrive with the update of Faction war, with Season 1 starting on 03/22!

Current Guild for each character: Transferred.

Applied Guild: Restart -> Since the names can be changed, those who have made applications for Guilds will have to perform the procedure again.


Auction House:

Registered items: In order to unify the servers, the registration of new items will not be available from 03/03 to 03/13 (after maintenance).

Sales not received: Items not sold or Zen from the sale of items will be delivered through the mail.


Faction War:

Faction War Progress: Reset -> The territory season will be finalized. A new season award system will arrive with the update of Faction War, with Season 1 starting on 03/22!

Intensification Stones: Reset -> We ask you not to use the NPC from Saturday (10/03), as the Intensification Stones NPC can be lost as of this date.


The Rift:

Overdrive Gauge: Reset.


Cash Storage:

Items in possession: Transferred.


Gold/Platinum Service: Transferred.



Level and EXP: Transferred.

Soul Level and EXP: Transferred.


Soul Box:

Status: Transferred

Stat Distribution: Transferred.

Skill Crest:

Unlocked Skill Crest Slots: Transferred.

Equipped Skill Crests: Transferred.



Configured shortcuts: Transferred.


Item Inventories:

Equipped Items: Transferred.

Items in possession: Transferred.



Zen: Transferred.

Magic Gems: Transferred.

Guild Points: Transferred.



Received Mail (read and unread): Transferred.


Event Storage

Items in possession: Transferred.



Achievements Completed: Transferred.

Achievement Grade: Transferred.

Unreceived Achievement Rewards: It is necessary to withdraw items before unification, otherwise they will be lost. This happens because of the new system that will be applied with the update.



Friends List: Transferred.

Blocked List: Transferred.



Artifacts in possession: Transferred.

Equipped Artifacts: Transferred.

Growing Artifacts: Transferred.



Artifacts for Alchemy: Transferred

Unreceived Alchemy Rewards: Transferred

We ask that you do not place artifacts in the Alchemy NPC as of 03/03 because the process may be lost.


Arena Information:

Arena Grade: Transferred.

Arena Points: Transferred.

Arena Records: Transferred.

Arena Rankings: Reset.



Missions Completed: Transferred.

Missions in Progress: Transferred.

Unreceived Rewards: Transferred.



In possession: Transferred.

Summoned Pet Info: Transferred.

Comrade Pet Info: Transferred.



In possession: Transferred.

Equipped Title Info: Transferred.