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Class Spellbinder: Visit The International Version Of MU Legend

The international version of MMORPG MU Legend received a large content update. Now you can play for a new class - Spellbinder, who is a mage who performs the role of support.

New MMORPG MU Legend Begins Recruitment Of Closed Beta Test Participants

Webzen Japan began recruiting closed beta test participants for the new MMORPG 'MU LEGEND' scheduled to be released in the first half of 2018 on the official broadcasting on March 15.

MU Legend Introduces Features Of Each Class And Main NPCs

Webzen Japan has released an overview of playable classes, trailer movies, etc. on the online RPG "MU LEGEND" for PC scheduled to be released in the first half of 2018.

MU Legend Will Have Server Merge Next Week

MU Legend is preparing for the unification of its servers and with that to be able to offer a better game environment for all of you, the procedure will happen during the maintenance of the next Tuesday, 13/03.

Best MMORPG 2017 MU Legend Will Receive A New Class On March 20

We have already learned the exact date of the introduction of Spellbinder to MU Legend. It's March 20!

MU Legend: The Spellbinder Arrives On March 20th

The Spellbinder, a support mage, is the fifth class of MU Legend. WEBZEN, has announced that the Spellbinder expansion for its ARPG MU Legend will arrive on March 20, 2018.

Spellbinder - The Newest MU Legend 5th Class Will Be Released In March

After more than 3 months of waiting, finally the latest class of MU Legend also officially scheduled debut... As a magician capable of hitting "virtual variables", the Spellbinder class 5 will be available in March for all MU Legend players.

MU Legend: Presentation Of Character Classes

H'n's MMORPG from Webzen MU Legend raises hopes for a repeat of the success of the hit of the previous decade. If you belong to a group of happy key holders and you are in the process of downloading the game client, it is worth getting acquainted with the available classes now, to focus only on a solid rivalry later...

MU Legend Further Customization And Playable Content

In 2001, MU Online was released to the pure happiness of hordes of fans all around the world. This marked the birth of the MU franchise globally. In 2018, 17 years later, MU Legend pays tribute to those unforgettable days, embodying much of what made its eldest ARPG brother so unique: Atmosphere, lore, game mechanics and much more.

Announcement Of Noria Update For MMORPG MU Legend

Developers MMORPG MU Legend have completed work on a major update Noria. Prepare to visit new dungeons, take a walk on a huge continent and encounter terrible creatures. And also in the game added outfit, pets, locations and auxiliary things.

Hurry To Experience MU Legend With Zen

Much like the predecessor, MU Legend is based on the multiplayer battle system in a real time and aim to provide the better experience with the gameplay than the former one. Being a hack and slash, MU Legend will have both the single player story driven mode as well as the multiplayer battles.

MU Legend Tutorial For Crafting Items In Game

An important way to enhance your character in MU Legend is equiping high quality gears. In addition to items you loot in battles, crafted items can be another good source.

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