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Frontiers Are Available For International Version Of MU Legend

MU Legend team confirmed that the stress test has met the expectations of players and unveils Frontier Packs.

MU Legend Is Looking For Stress Test

Webzen reported that the open beta testing of the international version of MMORPG MU Legend will begin on November 7. And to prepare servers for such an important event, the team is going to conduct a stress test on September 23.

MU Legend - Open Beta Test In November

At the beginning of July we learned that in September the global beta test of MU Legend will begin. Webzen today announced in a press release that their launch was scheduled for November 7th.

Review Of The Online Game MU Legend

Recently, MU Legend (formerly MU2) is increasingly in the focus of the game press, with clearly defined information about the game is nowhere.

MU Legend: Main Boss Missed The Appointment With Players Once Again

It is known that MU Legend is considered as MU 2, the title sequence succession of old MU Online and was developed by Webzen itself. About the plot, though is the later version of MU Online, but MU Legend is set back to the scene 1000 years ago.

MU Legend Delays Its Open Beta In November

Launched in Korea in March and originally expected in the West this summer, MU Legend will be launched in Europe in November. Webzen Dublin intends to rely on the Korean version to adapt the western version of the hack and slash MMO.

Find More Details About MU Legend Voice Over From An Interview

WEBZEN, a global pioneer in the development and publishing of free-to-play games, revealed details about the work on voice over from MU Legend, the next-generation ARPG MMO.

MU Legend - Gameplay For The Class Emphasizer

Emphasizer became available in the Korean version of MMORPG MU Legend, and players are already fully appraising this formidable character.

Enjoy The Fast And Exciting Hack And Slash MU Legend

Another 'MU' comes into the world. The value of MU IP (intellectual property rights), which has been expanding, seems to rise further. As the game is considered to be the most anticipated game in 2017, attention is focused on the popularity of the game.

Webzen Calls MU Legend New Generation ARPG MMO

Webzen released a new trailer for MU Legend, which promises a problem in that it promises nothing. Many people hoped we would get the exact start date for Open Beta, but for now we will have to wait a bit longer.

MU Legend Rank Is An Important Aspects Of Personalization

Countdown to open beta is in full swing. In our difficult journey back in time and back to the continent of MU, we can already see the silhouette of the "Endless Tower" on the horizon.

Watch The Second MU Legend Voice Over Teaser

MU Legend is not just about the fun of the player's playing the game but the fun voice actors have creating the voices. Check out Todd Haberkorn and David Lodge (voice actor) on what they thought of their MU Legend characters.

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