Review Of The Online Game MU Legend

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Recently, MU Legend (formerly MU2) is increasingly in the focus of the game press, with clearly defined information about the game is nowhere. That's why we decided to correct this oversight by gathering together all the information that has appeared recently in the network. For the most part, this is a sample of various interviews that should shed light on the sequel to the cult isometric MMORPG.





The development of MU2 began in the first half of the 2000s, but in 2011 the project was canceled. The restart took place in 2011 with the goal of recreating the sensations that players received from the cult of the original MU Online. Above the game there are 60 people from the internal team Webzen and many developers from the side. The degree of readiness for early 2016 was estimated at 60%. The developers expect that the MBT will not be long in coming. The game is developed on Unreal Engine 3. According to Webzen, this stable and proven engine is well suited for demonstrating large-scale battles on not too powerful PC configurations. MU Legend enough dual-core processor and Windows XP.


MU Legend and the original MU Online are significantly different. The developers believe that the launch of the novelty will not do a great blow to the predecessor, but at the same time they hope that the active old-timers will want to try the new project and will enjoy it. Webzen also expects to return veterans who played in MU Online earlier.




MU Legend - prequel MU Online. Webzen want to tell the story of the characters that were mentioned in the script MU Online. Events unfold 1000 years before the original. Players will learn why Kundun was resurrected as the Lord of Darkness. The plot part of MU Legend begins with the fact that Ikarus could not stop the resurrection of Kundun, and to solve the problem sent the heroes to the past. During a time travel, they lose their memory. On the way to the return of memories and the mission, adventurers have to overcome many challenges. The role of these characters is reserved for players.




The developers abandoned the traditional scheme of "trinity" and fixed roles. The first and second Korean CBT were represented by 4 classes (Dark Lord, Whisperer, Blader, War Mage), each of which can be played both solo and in a group. The fifth (Emphasizer) and the sixth class (Black Phantom) are in development. Customization of skills and items will allow players to create unique characters. For example, Dark Lord usually uses a two-handed weapon and can act as a powerful DPS character. At the same time, he can equip a magical weapon that has a healing effect, which will allow him to become a tank and passive physician. In MU Legend there are epic dungeons of extreme complexity for high-level players. They are recommended groups of 5 people. The individual role and build of each character in them is extremely important.


As the pumping proceeds, players will receive points that can be distributed among the parameters. The maximum number of points is 60. The maximum level at the moment is 65. At level 65, players have 20 skills, of which only 7 can be active at the same time.





PvP and Guild


From PvP content developers announced arenas 1 vs 1 and 3 vs 3, the battlefield 10 vs 10 and guild wars with sieges of clan ships-fortresses. Arenas are created to get a fan, the battlefield 10 vs 10 is called Altar of Elements and is a mode of card capture.


In MU Legend there is a guild system called Knight League. Over the guild wars, the developers are still conjuring, trying to find the best option, which will not force players to participate in massive PvP. The main tasks for the current moment are to determine the amount of PvP itself and the optimal number of participants in it. Much will be decided after the PTA. The guild system and guild PvP is positioned as a high-level PvP content.


Guilds can own aircraft, travel to them and even attack each other's ships. Siege of the ship is an attack of the outer deck (including flights over the air) and the passage of the dungeon. And here we are in for a surprise. The fact is that Webzen developed a tool Dungeon Builder (Dungeon Builder), which allows guilds to create unique ship dungeons with their own structure, traps, etc. In addition, aircraft allow the guilds to visit the dimension of demons - Pandemonium.


PvE and Dungeon


In MU Legend, a system of faults will appear. This is a random card, on which, depending on the player's level, monsters, their level and rewards constantly change. At the end of the Players' Fault, the Boss waits. The reward will depend on various factors, such as the speed of killing the boss, etc. In the Rift, you can get a special currency Magic Stone - a kind of pharming boost for the next call. Farm Razlomov, apparently, will become one of the main PvE classes, especially for high-level players. There will also be ordinary dungeons with configurable complexity. In addition, the game has two types of PvE content - Blood Castle and Endless Tower. The first is a survival mode, and the second is an infinite danzhen with increasing complexity. The game has a large number of quests and bosses in the open world.




From the content similar or removed from the original MU Online, the developers noted the already mentioned Blood Castle, Jewel of Bless stones, a system of wings and mounts, as well as heroes that players meet on the plot.


Payment Model and Competition


The game is distributed in Korea on the basis of a shareware scheme of monetization. Publish the game in the west will be Webzen himself on the same scheme. The release of the game in the European and North American markets is scheduled for September 2017. Despite the possible competition from Lost Ark and Lineage Eternal, Webzen is confident in its creation, thanks in large part to the large fan base around the world, including China.