The Dark Style Still Surrounds The MU Legend

mulegendzen Date: Jul/17/17 15:10:37 Views: 1655

It is known that MU Legend is considered as MU 2, the title sequence success of the old MU online games and Webzen itself developed. MU Legend's graphics have been pushed up a lot better. The design of characters, monsters, maps are sharper and more authentic.



MU Legend is the story of 1000 years before the world MU Online form. Through playing the MU Legend, players will be able to find out why Kundun was revived as Lord of Darkness. Icarus can not stop the resurrection of Kundun. To solve this problem, he sent a hero about the past. Throughout the air, the main character accidentally lost all memory. To get back the lost memory, the player must overcome many hardships and obstacles. The ultimate goal is to recapture the mission and prevent Kundun from reviving.


The players are chosen from four main classes: Dark Lord, Whisperer, Blader and War Mage. Particularly fifth character is Emphasier is still not able to create character. Each character class has two separate development paths. For example, the War Mage will have two Assassin or Magic Attack. It is this element that will make the game more diverse with a variety of character development.


Basically, MU Legend still follows the old style with the traditional slash and puncture. The viewing angle is fixed by 1/4 camera. According to publisher Webzen, this will be the ideal viewing angle to allow players to feel the best about the war using the mouse and keyboard. However, in my opinion, fixing the camera is not a perfect idea. It can help you look better when fighting but is a bad choice when you want to enjoy the aesthetic beauty of the game.


The black, dark style still surrounds the MU Legend, almost all maps in the game are dark, without sunlight.