Watch The Second MU Legend Voice Over Teaser

mulegendzen Date: Aug/14/17 17:27:27 Views: 1512

MU Legend is not just about the fun of the player's playing the game but the fun voice actors have creating the voices. Check out Todd Haberkorn and David Lodge (voice actor) on what they thought of their MU Legend characters.



David Lodge now doing two main characters: Dragon and narrator. Todd Haberkorn plays a mage, a knight, a wise wizards, old man and couple of different characters. "If you are watching this you are fans of the game, so it's so fun to join the fabric of the game and get to be a part of it," he said, "Some of things I love about the game is how expansive it is. The user interface is awesome the graphics are amazing. I love a good fantasy game, I love powers and cool weapons and good looking armors. This game has it all and now it's got me too."