Webzen Update Mission Map 'Lion's Hell' To MU Legend

mulegendzen Date: Jul/06/17 03:50:23 Views: 1305

Webzen adds a new dungeon to "MU Legend", a PC online game, the "Lion's Hell".



The Lion's Hell is a mission map with three stages and can be entered once a day through the room of the task in 'Ordour'. Lion's Hell has the highest character level (65LV) and the ability to reach 180,000 attack power or more.


Game members who have entered the Lion's Hell can control the time boss monsters appear by using 'Keystone' located at each stage for a limited time. A user who has passed the mission map can summon a 'Crystal of Saphon' that can acquire various items.


If you destroy the Sacrifice Crystal, you will not only get items such as new accessory sets of three kinds, new accessory items, boss monster cubes, and various production materials.


In addition, Webzen is holding an update 'Ice Festival Event' for about a month from June 29th to July 27th.



When gamers hunt elite monsters all over the continent, they get event materials (Deboned Water, Lemonade, and beef shavings) that can be used to makelemonade and beef shavings. The material items of lemonade and beef shavings that provide additional abilities are greatly increased in the lion's abilities and epic dungeons.


Also, during the event, 'NPC Leela' through the lemonade and beef shavings are made to receive one stamp per day, one by one. Depending on the number of stamps accumulated, you can earn 7 days for a vacation swimwear box (yellow) and 7 days for a tube wing (yellow) on the 8th day and the 16th day respectively.


More information about 'MU Legend' can be found on our site https://www.mulegendzen.com.