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About Us

MULegendZen.com is a virtual currency website, focusing primarily on MU Legend Zen. We additionally offer MU Legend power leveling services.

MULegendZen.com prices are very competitive. To ensure cheap MU Legend zen, we do price check everyday to make the cheapest prices. Coupled with 100% delivery guarantee, and refund policy. MuLegendZen.com excels with larger orders, with a graduated discount that increases the more you buy, further bolstering our competitive edge.

Our services, such as power leveling, are standard price. They offer attractive combination packages with significant discounts, as well. Each service comes with an estimated time of completion. However, these services are not always the best deal. Powerleveling for World of Warcraft is considerably more expensive than buying a character boost from the game itself and takes longer. our information, and offered services, are far more comprehensive for Tree of Savior than other games.

MULegendZen.com promises delivery within 5 minutes, but admits that it's possible for orders to take up to 24 hours or longer. The website's straightforward layout allows quick purchase with only a few clicks, and provides clear instruction. As with many websites, it requires a quick account creation process. All of this functioned flawlessly, and did not require an e-mail confirmation.

Payment options are numerous, including most major credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard, as well as Paypal and Western Union. The website's interface is very clear and setting up an order only took a few moments. Payment options such as Paypal greatly increase the security a potential buyer has, and speaks well on MULegendZen's ability to satisfy customers.

MULegendZen.com claims quick responses on all orders, and 24/7 live chat support. However, despite multiple attempts, the live chart support repeatedly stated that support was currently offline. The fact live chat support did not function, despite claims of 24/7 support, raises questions for the quality of our service. However, the price point, plus refund promise are more than enough to entice a customer, many of which may not require live chat support.


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