Class Spellbinder: Visit The International Version Of MU Legend

mulegendzen Date: Mar/23/18 16:49:52 Views: 2217

The international version of MMORPG MU Legend received a large content update. Now you can play for a new class - Spellbinder, who is a mage who performs the role of support.



Expected for several weeks, the new class Spellbinder landed Webzen ARPG: MU Legend. This is the fifth class added to the title and most importantly, the very first character added since the release of the MMORPG in November. It is a support mage that may change the playing habits of many players. She uses her psychic powers to control the crowd, to levitate her weapons, and to inflict direct pest attacks.


This is a class that wants to be agile in both PvE and PvP. The goal of Webzen through this new character is to redistribute a little cards between players and disrupt the rankings in-game. Thanks to its skills panel, it will perfectly complement the existing classes of MU Legend. Her arrival in the game is not the only novelty and it also marks the start of a new Faction Wars. The Lupa's Ancient Archive is a brand new, exclusive dungeon that enhances existing epic dungeons. Five levels of difficulty are added. They unlock new achievements as well as new pieces of mythical equipment.



Brave adventurers have the opportunity to visit a new dungeon - Lupa's Ancient  Archive, where they will be able to obtain valuable equipment. A new function is introduced - personal storage. It will manage to store all your things (even premium items). A similar warehouse is attached to the character, not to the account.


Added seasonal missions, which are updated every 2-3 months. With the help of them you can earn good rewards. The trading systems have returned to the game (we are talking about the Redzen Auction House, Trade and Mail).



The team activated several events: The Chakram - until April 17, kill bosses in certain dungeons to get mystical chakrams (they can be exchanged for rewards), The Easter Hunt Dungeon - before April 3, destroy dangerous Chocolate Bunnies and collect Jigsaw puzzle parts, The Gift Box - until April 17 create a new character, then pump it (get bonuses for certain levels), The Returnee Box - if you have not looked in the MU Legend for a long time, then just log in to the game until April 17 and take away the presents.