How to get the Island of Opportunity Token in Lost Ark?

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There are several different Lost Ark collectibles, Each of which provides many essential rewards such as skill point options and mounts. One such collectible is Island Tokens, or Island Souls, which can be found on the 95 different islands located in the game. Islands are particular locations that can be reached by sailing, and each one drops an Island Token or a Soul in different ways.

How to get the Island of Opportunity Token in Lost Ark?

The Island of Opportunity token drops via RNG after you complete a co-op mission found on the island. You will have to give up the fishing rod for this quest, as in the co-op quest, your group is actively fishing for various golden carp.


Here is the location of the island of opportunity:

You will complete a joint task with other players who have arrived on the island. The quest challenges your group to catch 250 goldfish. Don't worry. You don't have to collect these shiny fish yourself. Progress is available to everyone on the island.


Here is the location of all fishing spots on the island:

After completing the quest, you will have a chance to get an Isle of Opportunity Token as a random drop in the Angler's Bag. The Angler's Pouch is an item you get for completing a quest. Depending on the day of arrival, you can also be rewarded with items such as Providence Stones or Gold. Even if you already have a soul, you might want to come back here for the great rewards it provides. There are also some yellow quests on the island, but they don't give island souls.

Note: As an island of adventure, the island of opportunity is not available every day. You should check your in-game calendar to see if the Island of Opportunity is available on a given day. Be sure to keep an eye out for when this best fishing spot is open to you.


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