Emphasizer Will Not Show In The Open Beta Of MU Legend

mulegendzen Date: Aug/09/17 13:44:34 Views: 1655

Surely gamers will realize that this open beta of MU Legend will not have a new character Emphasizer but only four familiar names are Dark Lord, Blader, Warmage and Whisperer only. However, on the 10th of August, the Korean version will be updated so it is likely that the international version will be updated soon.



It is known that Emphasizer has the ability to manipulate weapons and control the mind of the enemy, specifically, you control a group to work 'mercenary' for a period of time rather than having to manually fight.


If you do not know, MU Legend is a successful game success of MU Online, the story of the game is set before the events in MU Online, players are forced to 'travel time' to the past. To prevent the destruction of the world.


The MU Legend's combat mechanism is quite similar to Diablo III, especially in locking down the top view. It is noteworthy that the character's skill system has a very fast recovery time, and in particular is not limited to physical attacks. Characters can spam spells continuously.