Grow A Pet To Accompany You In MU Legend

mulegendzen Date: Jan/26/18 10:48:12 Views: 1438

In MU Legend, pet is a good friend who can not only accompany with you, but also assistant you in battles. "The cute little pets in MU Legend provide your characters with very useful stats. You'll get boosts in attack, additional damage, HP and also combat power."



When you arrive level 15, you will have a chance to get first pet in the main quests. Pets can also be obtained as a crate item on the Fabrice's Garden dungeon in Ohrdor city (level 25).


Pets are divided into two registered types - Summoned and Companion. The former one follow your character and use their stats - they can offer your hero various bonuses such as boosted stats. Companion pets work in a different way - they don't follow you nor they give you bonuses to stats. However, they offer a different, better, effect which depends on your pet's rank. It looks something like this:


Normal (Legendary) Companion Pet offers additional Zen.

Material (Hero) Companion Pet offers increased monster experience.

Support (Legendary) Companion Pet offers increased Soul experience.


They get level up with your character which makes their bonuses even better. You can grow pets by using other ones. You can use them as material to one another. This increases pet's grade and their stats. Remember that you can have only 1 Summoned pet that follows you and 4 Companion pets that offer you previously described bonuses at a time. To increase the star rating of pets, you need gather more Magic Gems and MU Legend Zen to grow them.