How to Earn MU Legend Zen?

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MU Legend Zen


MU Online was one of the most popular video games in the world for a very long time. MU Legend is a sequel designed to bring in front hours upon hours of entertainment and fun as well. In this new game, you will see that the Kundun mage is now a lord of darkness. So, you will have to do all in your power to eliminate this threat once and for all. As you play the game, you will have to deal with more and more monsters. Some of them are easy to deal with, others not so much. Thankfully, you have 4 classes to play as, which means that you can get a lot of value from it!


Zen is the currency for the game, and it allows you to acquire a wide range of items. You can easily purchase artifacts with it, or you can just get weapons if you so desire. But the problem here is that finding the right amount of Zen is very hard to do. Which is why we created a list to include the most popular ways to acquire zen.


Kill Enemies


The great thing about Zen is that you can easily acquire it from the enemies that you kill as you play. They did a magnificent job when it comes to increasing the amount of zen you receive based on the difficulty of your enemies. It's just an incredible experience as a whole, and the gameplay gets to be better and better because of that. Yes, you may want to explore new regions and maybe find some enemies that deliver more Zen at times. But, as a whole, killing powerful enemies is one of the best ways to get zen.


Complete Quests


Quests allow you to acquire a good amount of Zen as well. However, not all quests will provide you with that. So, you can take your time and complete only those quests that give you Zen. Some of them are repeatable, which may lead to an excellent source of Zen as well.


Using Artifacts


Some artifacts allow you to acquire a very significant amount of zen. The way you use them is simple by adding these artifacts to the inventory. You go ahead and kill enemies like usual, but the artifacts will boost the amount of zen you get.


Selling Items


By selling items to other characters, you can get a pretty good amount of zen. This is the best way to sell items, and it does bring in front a rather distinct, fun experience that you will enjoy a lot. Obviously, to get the most Zen, you will have to go through a lot of grinding, as only a few select products deliver the best ROI.


In the end, you will see that earning MU Legend Zen can be a very challenging thing for you. However, there are other methods, such as using a good MU Legend zen hack or an MU Legend zen generator. All of these are great methods you can use to acquire Zen for MU Legend, so check them out!