How To Level Up To Level 65 Fast In MU Legend

mulegendzen Date: Jul/01/17 14:06:05 Views: 1890

Would you like to bring one character to level 65 in MU Legend? Doing only the main quest and then rifts would be the most efficient and rapid. Here are some suggestions for you guys!



Don't forget to stick your soul points into Experience gain as well. 0.40% per point = 25% at max. Get the pet from the quest line as well for 10% more Exp gain while leveling.


"Just rush the main (and blue) quests, that's the fastest way," a MU Legend player stated. If you have a friend who also plays, questing with a friend in a party also speeds up questing and dungeons. You can level your chararcter to level 65 in 8 hours by just do the main orange (and blue) quests with friends and maybe some area quest and progress.


If you want to do rifts, do them on the easiest difficulty. Higher difficulties seem like waste of time if you're still leveling. Higher diffs seem like a waste of time to me in any situation.


Taking every quest you encounter while taking the main quest's route is a good way to gain Experience, raising the dif in rifts do not change the exp income rate. Also, if u get bored of quests try ET, thats a nice way to level up as well.


Start off by adding your soul points into EXP gain. You may reset them later when you reach the level cap. After getting the lava pet , use it all the time . You can either level up the larva pet you got initially , or level up enough so that you can try getting a better one from the garden (remember to play the rifts from time to time so you can try getting a better one faster from the rift fragments pet box). 


It is also important to have your sets kept in check, so mobbing and doing quests/dgs goes faster than doing them with very bad stats. Make sure all your set parts have the monster/soul exp attributes. By doing this, you can definitely levelling up to 65 in 12 hours or less PS:depends on how lucky and good you are, some people managed cap in 6 hours with this set up.