Hurry To Experience MU Legend With Zen

mulegendzen Date: Feb/12/18 13:27:04 Views: 1738

Much like the predecessor, MU Legend is based on the multiplayer battle system in a real time and aim to provide the better experience with the gameplay than the former one. Being a hack and slash, MU Legend will have both the single player story driven mode as well as the multiplayer battles. 



The story line is pretty much similar to other RPG’s, it puts you in the world surrounded by the evil forces where you start a hunting spree against the evil monster. Though the storyline is similar to most of the other RPG’s but it has a unique way to deliver the content and that engages the players. Gameplay, on the other hand, is intense and full of action packed sequences. 


To start, you can choose from hero characters Dark Lord, Whisperer, Blader, War Mage and Emphasizer. Each class of these hero characters comes with a unique skill set and a different fighting mechanism. Then starts a series of challenging battles and intense encounter with the monsters. Using the PvP battle system you can invite your friends and other players and can showcase the skills in real-time. Top notch graphics are the reason many players couldn’t resist and play this latest masterpiece. MU Legend Zen is a gadget to maximum the game mechanics. Because of that it is ideal to recognise the way to get Zen rapid.


The Luery's Secret Vault dungeon is one of the dungeons that you could discover in Room of Duty at lvl 55. It may a fastest dungeon that offering some masses of heaps of Zen.


Don't waste your cash on shopping for objects on auctions before you attain level 65. You get degrees speedy, the equal is going for gadgets – a weapon sold for plenty of cash can grow to be useless after one or hours.


Be careful do not to waste gold on buying potions in shops. They can fee you some thousands of Zen for piece which could deplete your stored gold simply speedy.


Put exciting gadgets on auctions, specially the ones which you can not use. Auctions can come up with a few instances greater than what a “virtual supplier” can offer. A few heaps of Zen according to item might also seem like it is not that plenty but you may sell even some dozens of objects in one day – which means that your profit will be a whole lot bigger!