MU Legend Account Was Hacked

mulegendzen Date: Feb/26/17 21:16:27 Views: 1673

Hi, lately I have heard about many hack issues. They invaded player's account


Webzen employers should make an enfort to previne and help the people affected by this. Instead of blocking acess to game if player change server many times in a small period of time, like they do now. You should only permit acess to game from the list of IP's authorized by the player, like send email asking if can logging from certaim IP.


mu legend account


This can previne many hacking problems.


To help who have been hacked, GM's can check the logging IP log, if the data reccorded agree with the history told by the hacked one. It's obvious that his not lieing, like he aways log from the same IP in america, then one day he log from another IP on Indonésia, thats suspicious right?


Just need to think like credit card securities to previne frauds.


Many guys spend alot of money[MU Legend zen] in this game to power level theyr charrs, and most have 8y more of play time, GM's should give mojority attencion to this people.