MU Legend Closed Beta Test 2 Improve

mulegendzen Date: Dec/14/16 22:05:23 Views: 1989

Here are some things Improve I hope are included in MU Legend CBT2:


mu legend


plz fix bug on boss skills... boss skills still hit even ur out of range from boss skill... even u evaded the skill it still hit u... that fcks so much


I wish you guy make a SEA server, or atleast make ping booster like WTfast and Pingzapper work, i only see the HP Bar no monster because of the delay and lag.


Why we not have the PKs and kill any map? We need Pk area and castle siege in the MU-legend!


The most important feature that's missing from MU Legend is an auction house.


From what I did see, seemed like skills don't change much. You unlock a few new ones, but other than doing more damage they didn't look like they change at all as you progress - hopefully someone with more time will counter this. I think it'll get boring relatively quickly if this is the case.


There are different skills, but I meant can you change how a skill works? Stuff like that is interesting and in my opinion necessary to have a good skill system in an ARPG.


Boss attack hitboxes are inaccurate


World quest items often needed to be clicked on multiple times to register properly.


A few times I could not complete a storyline quest and had to restart the game.


Some rifts/dungeons wouldn’t let me exit (had to leave the game).


A few client freezes (only 2-3, not too bad).


I greatly look forward to the next testing phase of MU Legend.