MU Legend Finally Unlocks The First PvP Features

mulegendzen Date: Dec/05/17 01:25:08 Views: 1504

For a few weeks you can play MU Legend in an open beta test. For the beginning of December, the developers are planning a big patch that will unlock the long-awaited PvP features in the ARPG.



3v3 in MU Legend - Release in December


On December 5th, MU Legend players are expecting an update that will finally enable player-versus-player content. Fans have long been waiting for the 3v3 bouts, which are finally brought to life by the update.


The special thing is that these fast fights also work across servers. Thanks to the "multi-server function", players from the same region play together, regardless of which server in the same region they set their character to.


In Webzen's team, you are curious to see how you use your skills to dominate the fights. Webzens COO Dennis Czybulka says: "We are even enthusiastic players of MU Legend and can therefore expect the arrival of the first PvP features just as our fans. We are excited to finally offer these features to our players, and look forward to using their skills and equipment in PvP battles. "


But that's not all PvP features have been. The team confirms that more player-versus-player features will be added to MU Legend in the future. MU Legend does not want to genre-style just on PvE content, but give players opportunities to experience a good PvP experience in the game.


Even PvE players will continue to get their money, because of this content is also being worked on.


How does 3v3 mode work in MU Legend?


First, open the quest atlas with the B key or by clicking on the Quest Atlas icon. Here you can see individual and group requests and your values ​​like victories, records and the league in which you play. To start, there are only single requests for PvP mode. Group requests will be added later.


Based on your victory points, you will be divided into one of the following six leagues:



When you join a 3v3 battle, you can first see info about your group and the team of opponents. When all players have joined, you are knocking for victory. However, points only get winners. In a draw both teams are considered losers.


The remaining time and the current team points of a match you see in a window on the right half of the screen.


As rewards for your battles, you will receive combat badges that you can trade in at the PvP dealer in Ohrdor.


MU Legend - Auction House partly back


Gold sellers and other scammers did not make it easy for the players and the MU Legend team in recent weeks. Due to the actions of these players, the team decided to temporarily disable the auction house.


After today's maintenance (November 30), the Zen Auction House is open again. Unfortunately, you still have to wait patiently for the part of the AH. In addition, player-to-player trading remains suspended. However, it is working hard to be able to reactivate these functions soon.


While the auction house was disabled, the developers improved tools against the cheaters. The MU Legend team continues to work to eliminate the fraudsters. So far, thousands of accounts have been banned associated with "unauthorized practices" in MU Legend.