MU Legend Gameplay That Mixes Hack 'n' Slash And MMO

mulegendzen Date: Jul/31/17 14:42:16 Views: 1747

MU is a saga that began with the release of MU Online, one of the precursors of the Korean MMORPG in 3D. Having made his little journey and having finally managed to acquire a public in Europe, it ends up becoming a niche game with a faithful community.


A few years later, the MU Origin title, which aims to narrate the origins of the world of MU and in 2016 MU Legend, a free to play game with hack 'n' slash oriented gameplay and all the social mechanics that can be proposed an MMO.


A Story That Takes Place Before MU Online


Kundun is one of the daemons appearing in MU Online. Considered to be one of the most dangerous enemies of mankind, we learn that he was killed before and then resurrected about 1000 years ago. MU Legend takes place at this time and your main goal is to know why, and by whom, this terrible monster was brought back to life.


While your hero is in the present, you are propelled in time to join the moment the ritual took place. However, lack of luck, your memories are missing you once you arrive on the spot and in order to find your memory and understand why you have landed here.


Dynamism And Action For Epic Combat


Offering dynamic confrontations in isometric view, the least we can say is that this MU Legend stands out from its previous opus, MU Online and MU Origin. There is also an open and living world within which a classic but rather efficient leveling awaits you.


Before you start collecting quests, destroying monsters and visiting dungeons, you'll have to create a character from the 4 available classes:


• The Darklord

• The Whisperer

• The Warmage

• The Blader


Each has a distinctive gameplay that will satisfy all types of players, from the brutal character that goes into the pile to the arch who stays at a distance, all styles of play are respected for an optimal experience.


A Huge Continent To Explore!


A large amount of current MMORPGs offer a leveling that requires you to visit a continent by rising levels through quests given by NPCs. MU Legend does not come off the beaten track at this level and aims to not disorient MMO players.


The game then prompts you to follow a scenario that will take you into environments with finely-crafted graphics. Especially in order to fulfill different objectives and step by step in your investigation to find the person responsible for the resurrection of Kundun.


Inside these zones are instances and dungeons that you can do alone or with several depending on the difficulty mode you choose. This has the effect of helping you to mount your avatar, but also to offer you some benefits if you get to kill the boss. Of course, the harder the test, the greater the reward!


Most Of The Game


• A free MMORPG

• Hack 'n' slash gameplay

• The prequel of the world of MU Online

• Classes with very different styles

• An open world to explore