MU Legend Guide On Preview Of Four Classes Before Open Beta

mulegendzen Date: Jul/08/17 02:44:02 Views: 1920

MU Legend, formally known as MU2, is the sequel to MU Online and is based on the popular MU brand. MU Legend is a MMOARPG, new players picking up MU Legend will find similarities to Diablo 3 in terms of gameplay mechanics. Old MU Veterans will find many features similar to other MU games.



Let's see the latest 5 promotional videos has been released in MU Legend (Korea) official media. The image of this time has become a play video of four classes such as "Dark Lord", "Blader", "War Mage", "Whisperer" released in open beta test, including cinematic teaser drawn with full CG.




War Mage Class




Dark Lord Class




Whisperer Class




Blader Class