MU Legend Has New Available Expansion

mulegendzen Date: Mar/27/18 03:58:49 Views: 2048

The new MU Legend expansion is now available and adds 5th character class to the game.



Along with Spellbinder, versatile maga that uses group control skills, content marks the arrival of a series of events, items and rewards to the action MMORPG of WEBZEN

The game experience of MU Legend is even more immersive and varied from 20/3;

When the game of WEBZEN starts to count on an expansion of content full of news.

The main one is the launch of its 5th class of characters, the Spellbinder;

The versatile wizard that can be customized by the player and has among its main characteristics the strong support skills.


Partner in Brazil


In addition, the game, which in Brazil has the partnership of Level Up, receives important updates;

As a new season missions system, the "Lupa's Ancient Library" dungeon, events, items, rewards and changes in the user inventory.

Players who choose characters from the Spellbinder class;

They will have important resources to control groups of enemies, causing great damage and stunning.

Although the attacks of the class are not very fast, they are powerful and combine with several styles of game.

In the "Lupa's Ancient Library" which is a new dungeon with challenges for advanced level players;

There will be daily quests that, if completed, can give users of any class one of two complete armor sets.


Expansion Rewards


With the expansion, the degree of achievement will also be greater and the rewards improved, including with chances of the player to win the items:

"Traces of Destruction"

Hero Token

And the trophy and magic gem.

Among other novelties, new revenue will be released, the player's inventory will increase in size;

And there will be an unprecedented season missions system dedicated to Faction Warfare and "Guild x Guild" combats will gain competitive features.


About MU Legend


MU Legend is an action MMORPG game with features of the hack 'n' slash genre and puts players in a great mythological battle.

In addition to the new Spellbinder, gamers can choose from four other character classes (Dark Lord, Blader, War Mage and Whisperer).

To participate in an endless battle between the worlds of MU and Pandemonium.

To face the days full of conflicts, it is possible to follow in solo mode or next to friends, through guilds.

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