MU Legend Introduce Some Of Basic System And Breeding Elements

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Webzen Japan Co., Ltd. is an important MMORPG "MU LEGEND" planned to be released in the first half of 2018. We announced a part of the basic system and the breeding element which becomes the point these days.


"MU LEGEND" was produced as a successor to the MMORPG "MU Online" that has been serving for 13 years for a long time, and the fundamental elements such as simple UI and easy operation, depiction of quarter view, It is an orthodox hack & slash new work MMORPG which has been polished further to enjoyment such as a breeding element which was inherited from a wide variety as well as a newly added dungeon gimmick.



"MU LEGEND" is also a main concept to enjoy the training elements such as aiming for more powerful monsters to be suppressed through the development of a variety of characters and equipment enhancement while advancing the story, in order to enjoy the game more This time, we will introduce some of the broad and deepest breeding elements.


Currently, "MU LEGEND" is recruiting participants of the closed beta test (CBT) to be implemented from Thursday, April 12, at the recruitment site, The entry is possible until 23: 59 on April 9 (Monday).


In addition, we will continue to send up-to-date information on the game, event information etc. in the official Twitter so please check at any time.


Battle Force System


In "MU LEGEND" there is a character strength indicator of combat power, you can increase the number by raising character level or skill level, or by equipping items with high enhancement value. There are also dungeon contents related to fighting power, such as enabling entrance into the high difficulty level dungeon by increasing combat strength. Also, it is one of enjoyment methods to set the numerical value of fighting power as a goal of training and to make it an index of achievement degree.


Introducing some of the basic system and breeding elements of the new MMORPG "MU LEGEND"!


Character Level And Soul Level


The main elements in developing the character itself are the character level and the soul level. Both will acquire experience values ​​in battle with monsters and will grow up, but while the character level gains a constant status at each level up, while the soul skill level can earn soul points at level up, You can assign points to favorite items.


Increase fighting power due to character level rise

As the character level rises, the status rises, the fighting power increases, and it is possible to challenge the dungeon with the entry level restriction.


You can earn points by rise in soul level and allocate to any ability

It is possible to allocate points by selecting any item from 4 items in 4 categories, "Attack", "Defense", "Support" and "Other", totaling 16 items, so that by achieving a certain point, to be released.


Acquisition And Enhancement Of Equipment Items


Equipment items can be acquired with various contents such as drops, item production, quest rewards and so on. There are various customization and strengthening elements such as change of options and addition of slots, but the basic item is strengthened by using blessed jewels (material items) to strengthen the item level.


Major routes for equipment items drop and item production

Weapons and equipment according to the level band and difficulty level are dropped by various dungeons.


Use blessing jewels to enhance equipment

[Acquisition and enhancement of muon (pet)]

Muong (pet) can be earned with quest rewards and specific dungeons. There are two kinds of growth of mu, rank and growth value, and it is possible to evolve by synthesizing muons which raised growth value.


Muong will adventure together by summoning


Muscle training methods are battle experience value and muons growth

Experience can be acquired by muon by subjugating a monster in summoned state or synthesizing multiple muons, and the growth value rises. In addition, evolution is also possible by synthesizing muons that have grown to the maximum of the same rank.


CBT Wanted


The closed beta test (CBT) will be conducted for the purpose of final confirmation and improvement of game stability and functional aspects before official service starts. Applicants received a large response of more than 10,000 to 5,000 recruited workers and expanded the recruitment scope to a total of 15,000, including 10,000 in addition.