MU Legend Introduces Features Of Each Class And Main NPCs

mulegendzen Date: Mar/14/18 14:15:05 Views: 2342

Webzen Japan has released an overview of playable classes, trailer movies, etc. on the online RPG "MU LEGEND" for PC scheduled to be released in the first half of 2018.



"MU LEGEND" was produced as a successor to the MMORPG "MU Online" that has been serving for 13 years for a long time, and the fundamental elements such as simple UI and easy operation, depiction of quarter view, It is an orthodox hack & slash new work MMORPG which has been polished further to enjoyment such as a breeding element which was inherited from a wide variety as well as a newly added dungeon gimmick.


In "MU LEGEND" you will choose the four styles of dark lord, blader, warmage, whisperer and advance the story. In addition, two types of weapons are selected and used in the game. In addition, it is possible to choose from two kinds of races among each of four class Human, Ashas, Kanturu, Elf. In this press release, we introduce the main NPCs that are deeply involved in the story of "MULEGEND" in addition to the introduction of playing videos including the features of each class and trailer images.


Explanation of the tribe



Human created by the god of passion "Pacione" is a race of the earth world with the most diverse civilization, the most prosperous, the most extensive, constantly striving and improving thinking way.



Elves created by the wisdom god "Sapientia" refer to themselves as "people who connect" themselves. It is "harmony" that they inherit from their ancestors to their descendants in turn.



The goddess of MU continent "Acneelia" created by the country is a race with advanced civilization. They built themselves "the country empire", who were themselves self-administering themselves as rulers of the MU continent, but they were driven to the point of extinction in the "devil war" and only a few centers survived.



Ashath escaped from the destroyed world and is a race that came to this world. Although they are late civilization compared to human and elves, they have the ability to sympathize the spirit, centered on priests, and the whole race can be the eyes and ears of the priest.


Ruler of the battlefield "Dark Lord"


It is a distinctive class that fighting way to protect your friends is excellent in physical strength and defense, using recovery magic and enemy attracting skills.

Because it also has a powerful range attack, it is also possible to cut into an enemy single by itself.


Dark Lord class introduction image:



Dark Lord can be selected from 2 races, "Human" and "Ashas"



Equipment of Mace and Shield is excellent in defense, Hammer is a weapon specialized for fire power.



Fury of Fury "Blader"


An aggressive class that batters consecutive attacks from a quick approach with rushing skills.

By exploiting the skill that renders enemies inoperative, it is possible to unilaterally enemy enemies.


Blader class introduction image:



Blader can be selected from 2 races, "Human" and "Kanturu"



The big sword specializes in attack, and one handed sword (two sword flow) exerts its true value in a long-term battle.



Chaotic magician "Warmage"


Overwhelming range Wizard type class with annihilation.

I am good at long range attacks, but also demonstrate amazing ability in melee attack by Magic Sword.


Warmage class introduction image:



Warmage can be selected from 2 tribes "Human" and "Ashas"



The staff is so powerful that the distance from the enemy is far away, and the magic sword & magic book dominates in close combat.



Whispering Death "Whisperer"


A class that can disturb the battlefield using a variety of attack methods such as traps and summons in addition to the long distance using the bow.

I am good at support of ally that makes good use of excellent mobility and hit & away.


Whisperer class Introduction picture:



Whisperers can choose from two tribes "Human" and "Elf"



Long bow gains critical damage, wing gun gains critical probability.




Leader of the media kingdom "Kung Dong-mephis"

Actually it is brightly behaving, but in reality it distinguishes between public and private strictly and emphasizes more publicly.

I am devoted to research to utilize the authority of God. It is a genius skin, but you can catch a glimpse of a martyr like behavior that you do not mind self-sacrifice. I prefer brilliant equipments and weapons of sacred atmosphere as if symbolizing God's authority.



Head of the De Beers Knight "Muren-Rex Milon"

One of the five daimyo houses of the Kingdom of Lorenzia, born in the Rex Milon family, has earned the title of the Kingdom's best swordsman at a young age due to its highest bloodline and its appropriate ability.

It is good at gathering talented people and organizing the organization, and then plays a big role also when forming the Allied Forces. It is a serious and honest personality but has a belief that if it is a qualified person, not an idealist, it should be appointed regardless of his status.



Princess of the Elven Kingdom "Renedill = Diothel"

Although it is sincere, it has a mild character, but there is also one side that I like mischief, and I feel well with Koon Dong. But once you get angry it is a very scary type, especially for the tribe of the Makai that destroys nature. In the past wars, the elves wished for peace and well-being of the earth more than anyone.

Renedil, the center of the elves, looks at not only the trends of all of the ground world but also natural disasters occurring everywhere in the continent.



Head of the Drapia Knights "Chason-Saika"

The knight of the Dracans tribe is rough and violent, but it combines braveness and intelligence, and is said to be the best knight on the continent. There are also a lot of people who are deeply appointed by other members, but are also at the mercy of solo actions to be seen occasionally.

Her daughter who rescued her from shipwrecked merchant ship is picked up and raised as an adopted female even though the race is different, and has one unusual aspect.



Commander of the Dwarf Guard "Ramoth-Duprian"

A leader who is well respected by outstanding leadership and is also a spiritual support of dwarves throughout Enocha. Judgment of things is also only one time earlier with a wonderful and wise personality.

He is engaged in many duties to deal with the invasion of the Makai world and run around the continent both inside and outside the country.



Tender hearted lady "Linda"

Human who has a knight "Kerberos" as a grandfather called a hero in the past great war. Although it is gentle and delicate personality, there are times when it comes to dangerous behavior regardless of the danger of life. People around knowing her are worried despite of her.

From losing memory and accidentally discovering and assisting the leading character (player) who had fallen in the forest, it will be involved in the hero's journey.