MU Legend Is The Product Gamers Around The World Longed For

mulegendzen Date: Jul/13/17 15:51:15 Views: 1592

Many years ago, MU Online stood like a giant monument of the Asian online gaming market. Even up to now, the community of people love MU Online still does not relish sentimental feelings for this classic game.


And years ago, there was a giant named Webzen. He was considered the face of the Korean game industry, but consecutive failed after product MU Online top. Then after decades of waiting, he returned to the starting point, bringing gamers around the world the product they longed for: MU Legend. The game officially announced the Open Beta session this September, ending the long waiting period.



Interestingly, the opening sequence of MU Legend also revolved around the story many years ago.


The player will still meet the Dark Knight, Dark Wizard and the fierce battle of the mainland MU against the evil Kundun. However, unlike the old MU Online version, Kundun has now become so strong and completely overwhelmed. Faced with that situation, in the moment of survival, the powerful mage Icarus used great power and brought the player back to the time 1000 years ago. Of course, your mission is to find and stop Kundun when he has not become a villain.


This introductory chapter recalls the familiarity of the gamer, emphasizing a touching message from Webzen: bringing players back to the past, the time of MU Online - and also Webzen's - In the most brilliant period.


High Potential To Become "Head"


The Webzen family is in dire straits, closing down a series of important projects and tending to shrink personnel in many areas. In that context, MU 2 emerged as a focal point, was invested and sent many expectations to once again bring the Webzen brand excelling in the online game worldwide.


It is this expectation, that MU 2 received the attention of the global community of gamers, resulting in the launch of the game so effective that server collapse. However, gamers still have the most general view, the closest game.


Graphics and sound are two of the most powerful emotions in the comeback, especially the old MU Online music was resoundingly full of epic. With the Unreal Engine 3 platform, flashy game graphics, gorgeous graphics and dark shades of true simplicity (unlike the first version which is much more colorful). Remarkably, the game retains the same traditional top-down camera perspective, familiar to those who have ever attached to the original.


Gameplay, however, is completely alienated, however, this is a necessary improvement after "hibernation" is too long. Although innovating with a range of modern features to catch up with the current structure of the MMORPG industry, but more importantly, the game retains the simple character of the MU game, suitable for anyone experience.


In the next article, we'll post the latest updates of the game. Gamers interested in the game can focus on official site or where offers the newest MU Legend updates.