MU Legend - The Introduction Of This Free-To-Play Action MMORPG

mulegendzen Date: Nov/11/17 17:17:30 Views: 1474

MU Legend is the sequel to MU Online (MMO Released in 2003) and, like its predecessor, is set in a fantasy world torn apart by the war between light and chaos.



The title proposes several PvE content, such as quests, dungeons, and procedurally generated levels, but there is also no PvP activity including arenas, battlegrounds and guild collisions (GvGs).


Open beta testing of the international version of MMORPG MU Legend started on November 7. So it's time to study the in-game store. 


The player will be able to buy, mounts, suits, boxes with pets, potions, special scrolls, hearts of resurrection and coupons to replace the character's nickname.


New to MU Legend? Don't know your Whisperer from your Dark Lord, or who Kundun is? Check out our introduction trailer covering the story, classes, content, and so much more.




The Legacy of MU continues today with the Open Beta of MU Legend. Grab some friends and save the world from Pandemonium!