MU Legend Will Get Great Success After Global Release

mulegendzen Date: Jul/20/17 01:59:00 Views: 1507


What is "MU Legend"?


MU Legend is the direct successor of MU Online, an action RPG that has enjoyed great success, especially in the Asian region. Also MU Legend will be an action MMORPG, with Hack & Slash in focus. The game is based on the Unreal Engine 3 and is therefore supposed to run on older computers still acceptable, but at the same time however on newer devices to deliver a beautiful graphics pleasure, the developers of Webzen promise.


However, MU Legend plays before the predecessor of the story - so it is a prequel. Players are sent to the past for 1000 years to prevent the revival of Kundun, the Lord of Darkness. During this time journey, however, the players lose their memory, so that the task comes back into the minds of the characters bit by bit. Fans of the first game can look forward, because well-known characters, which one only saw briefly in MU Online, play a central role of the plot in Legend.


According to the makers, the development of MU Legend is now about completed, which is still a whole mountain of work is pending. The trailers shown, however, make clear that the core features, such as the action-heavy combat system, already look promising.


What Classes Are There In MU Legend?


Like many other Hack & Slash games, MU Legend also relies on different classes. At the start of the game there are four different types: Dark Lord, Blader, War Mage and Whisperer.


All classes are designed so that you can have a lot of fun with them as well, but for the challenging group content, certain roles can be used: A Dark Lord can be either powerful with the two - handed or gain a magic weapon He can passively heal himself - so he would be an acceptable tank. In general, there are many ways to individualize your own character.


For the time after the release you are already working on additional classes, which are then added to the game. Details, however, are not yet revealed. The "Emphasizer" class is still in development, and might be filling a support role in the future, however, no information on this class was provided yet.