New Telekinetic Class In MU Legend - Emphasizer

mulegendzen Date: Jul/12/17 03:58:34 Views: 2319

The company Webzen appealed to the community with a message regarding the phase of the open beta of the Global version of the Action / MMORPG MU Legend. Recently Webzen announced that MU Legend will start open beta test in September 2017. While the Emphasizer class is still in development, get an early look at some of the skills on offer!



In the past, Emphasizer was never introduced or had any videos so the player did not know how this character class fought. In this test, Emphasizer is still locked and is expected to be open on Open Beta.



According to what we showed in previous page, Emphasizer is a character class that uses weapons and ranged attacks, but unlike the War Mages. Webzen also said that there are two more characters in the development phase, not yet introduced.



The new telekinetic class Emphasizer, a female ranged class, she is capable of manipulating objects with her mind, usually sharp objects such as swords. It different from the traditional mega and can control or weaken the enemies. As a strong AOE attacker, Emphasizer can also soak damage for her teammates. In MU Legend, monsters' DPS will increase exponentially as players level up.


Emphasizer has the ability to manipulate weapons and enemy's mind, immobilizing or mind-controlling a small group of targets. Emphasizer will be released in few months.