PoE 3.3 Duelist Slayer Builds For Lightning Arrow

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This guide is WIP. It's a very default soft nuclear bow constructing that makes use of generic attack and defense
killer privileges as well as some abyss things.

I never know what a bad transform is, but Blast Rain could be a goto. Riggadaddy as soon as prompted using a cwdt+ic
setup with blood rage to assist trigger the 50% enhance life recovery price. So, Please adhere to Riggadaddy's hints
and attempt to use Arakali's soul cwt settings (probably only 2 gems).

I have been playing Lightning Arrow (LA) as the starter in the league and I've seasoned a good deal of developing
variants. Due to the fact, a whole lot of ppl ask me to help them bow. I have a Deadeye and a Slayer, and there are
at the moment 92 (Bestiary Alliance), but I choose Slayer's survivability.


PoE 3.3 Duelist Slayer Builds For Lightning Arrow

NO.1 3.3 Alter
The gear stays exactly the same, except the Quiver. If I retain Blast Rain I won't need a Signal Fire. In this case
a uncommon needs to be my greatest selection (hp + crit multi + wed + crit possibility [+ extra arrow + attack speed] on a
Spike Point). With Belly is at 5k+ hp. Ill hold the Belly until I get far better jewels.

The tree also got some smaller modifications for leveling and my begin into the endgame. I haven't purchased a
Lioneye's Fall jewel till now (eight totally free talent points) and with Blast Rain / without having Signal Fire the Winter
Spirit and Fangs of Frost Cluster could not be worth it (6 ability points). I at present got 3 additional Frenzy charges
and a few physical damages inside the Deadly Draw cluster instead.

NO.2 Gear Progression:
lvl 88: https://pastebin.com/Gvn5nsfG
lvl 90: https://pastebin.com/uCu4cUmk
lvl 92: https://pastebin.com/zVbHX8QR

NO.3 Pros & Cons:
- big shatters
- strong Slayer mechanics:
- generic damage
- increased area of effect
- 20% cull
- overreach
- cheap to start out with
- good scaling into the endgame
- feels so tanky with cheap gear compared to Dead Eye
- easily killed: Shaper / Guardians / Uber Atziri / Vaal Temple / Red Elder
- no Blood Rage degen

- not as fast as a Deadeye
- feels poor in uber lab
- you are not immortal (compared to a 100ex RF jugg -.-)

NO.4 Bandit
Alira is the only real selection here. She offers damage and helps to get resist while having a lot of uniques.

NO.5 PoB & Tree
LvL 92 PoB: https://pastebin.com/wJEMhwny

LvL 92 Tree:

NO.6 Pantheon
The soul of your salt king is to avoid chain vertigo. Other little gods depend on your defensive choices like
the soul of Groulkul /The soul of Garukhan or a utility like Yugul's soul reflects the reduction.

NO.7 Gem Setup
Lightning Arrow (+ GMP + Pierce + Inc Crit Strikes + Elemental Harm)
- skip crits for 4L, it only helps to clear a bit with shatter
- you can attempt Mirage Archer as an alternative of Inc Crit Strikes
- add added cold for 6L, I don't rely on seeing a have to have for that though

Ice Shot (alternative) (+ GMP + Mirage Archer + Elemental Damage + Added Cold)
- add Inc Crit Strikes for 6L or instead of Mirage Archer
- if you replace Mirage Archer take Ice Bite as 6L
- you can replace Added Cold with Chain if you have enough harm (just attempt it)

Tornado Shot (alternative) (+ GMP + Mirage Archer + Elemental Harm + Added Cold)
- add Inc Crit Strikes for 6L or instead of Mirage Archer
- if you replace Mirage Archer take Harm on Full Life as 6L
- you can replace Added Cold with Chain if you have enough harm (just try it)

Barrage (+ Elemental Harm + Ele Focus + Dmg on Full Life + Added Cold)
[pseudo 6L with elemental penetration from the chest]
- skip added cold for 4L
- add Slower Proj or GMP as 6L, check PoB for that and maybe replace added cold if you don't use a shroud
in the lightless body armor

Blast Rain (+ Conc Effect + Elemental Fokus + Harm on Full Life + Elemental Damage with Attacks)
- skip Harm on Full Life for 4L

Curse on Hit / Herald of Ice / Ice Bomb / Assassins Mark
- Assassin's Mark vs trash with Herald of Ice
- Assassin's Mark vs bosses with Ice Bomb

Ice Golem

Blood Rage

Vaal Haste


Blink Arrow / Frenzy (+ Faster Attacks)

NO.8 Abyssal Jewels:
For our jewels, we aim for life and damage on Searching Eye Jewels. Depending on your budget just go down a
tier or two with damage mods. To start out off buy or craft (alt + regal) jewels with life and two harm mods
. If you want to craft try to get hp (atleast t3) + harm and then regal. Even a blue jewel is better
than nothing.

If you are entering the final stage and want to spend money on jewelry, buying four pieces of high-quality jewelry, including life, is really expensive. You can log in to the U4gm website, which has cheaper PoE currency and makes it easier to buy jewelry. There is also a more comprehensive PoE 3.3 Builds for reference. I got a lot of my jewels by making and buying 3 mods with life and 2 prefixes (life + bow damage) for the reason that it's easier to reach the available suffixes (flat damage, multiple, crit, etc). A slam.

Greater mods:
- life
- Flat enhance cold/fire/lightning damage bow

- The flat increase in cold/fire/lightning harm
- More crit
- Critical attack speed (always up)
- All resistance

endeavor to avoid:
- single resist
- Crit likelihood (we have enough crit possibility)
- Kill x (not always)

NO.9 Leveling Gear
- Goldrim (lvl 1, helm, rly good with a whole lot of resists)
- Wanderlust (lvl 1, boots, a lot of movement speed)
- Tabula Rasa (lvl 1, 6L body armor)
- Karui Ward (lvl 5, amulet, damage, movement speed)
- Wurm's Molt (lvl eight, belt with mana leech)
- Hyrri's Bite (lvl 10, quiver) - EASY to craft by yourself
- Belt with the Deceiver (lvl 20, damage, life, resist)
- any Iron Rings until:
- Thief's Torment (lvl 30, no more mana problems)

Leveling Bows
- Silverbranch (lvl 1) - solid begin
- Death's Harps (lvl 32) - really strong
- A uncommon bow can help until you get a Lioneye's
- Infraction (lvl 53) - not really needed
- Lioneye's glare (lvl 66) - our goal

NO.10 Video
How To Lightning Arrow Slayer

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