The Most Profitable Method In TERA

mulegendzen Date: Jul/10/18 15:41:43 Views: 2018

If you have looked at the alliance page you might have noticed a curious thing called the Alliance leaderboard. It keeps tracks of the top 120 players in the Alliance with the most contribution. To get onto the leaderboard, a player needs to do various Alliance quests offered daily. These quests range from gathering nodes to killing bams in Alliance areas. Although the gold can be obtained through the mission, the easiest way is to collect more cheap Tera gold on U4GM. U4GM not only has cheap TERA gold for sale, but also a lot of guides for getting Tera gold.




A good way to make Echelon status easily is to run the two available quests in the EU Hall every day. The Vault quest and the Dungeon quest. The Vault quest just means to solo Vault once, with a reward of 200 noctenium infusions, 200g basically. The Dungeon quest is fulfilled by completing Balder’s Temple (Solo) in Balder’s Refuge.


Once you get Echelon status, you can participate in the Alliance conflict. This is an event reserved only for the top 120 players, or the leaders of the Alliance. It is a massive open world PVP event that involves defending the Alliance Executor or npc leader from the other factions. Important to us, however, is the gold earnings. An Exarch will get 70k gold per win and 35k gold per loss. The other leaders will get less, with the Defense commanders at 35k gold per win. Echelons can expect a couple thousand gold. 


Noctenium/Gold Farming

I earned a lot of money with this method. It is probably the most profitable method that does not require luck, with the exception of certain vanguard dailies. Noctenium/Gold farming is a strategy to make gold off the ground as well as brokering Noctenium infusions (or tissue if you’re lazy). This strategy requires killing farming mobs. It's tedious and boring, so remember to do it in 30 or so minute increments to stay sane.


First, you need to utilize one of the two farming spots. The spots are right after spawning in on the Aurem or Darkquaver encroachment. There will be a spot with a lot of Ghillidehus or Mob Trees. Just round them up and kill them, simple. Each tree will drop anywhere between 1-4g and 1-2 noctenium tissue on average. Seems like low numbers. But. With a gold hunter boost, that means a tree can drop between 2-8g. With noctenium tissue selling easily for 3g each that is an average of 8g a tree. Doesn’t seem like much, but it seriously adds up when you are killing veritable forests. 


This is for when you broker the noctenium tissue. If you were to use the noctenium tissue to create the infusion, the profit margin is much higher. From the alliance quartermaster, you can buy Affinity Catalysts for 5g, and get pure noctenium powder for 1g off the broker. Combine these two items with 3 noctenium tissue and you can make 25 noctenium infusions. That means, 300 tissues is equivalent to 2k gold in profit assuming you sell at the market price of 1g. With the gold you pick up off the ground, you can easily make 2-2.5k gold every 30 minutes. This only increased further if you put the noctenium infusions up for higher, at 1.5g or 2g each.


If you do not like farming trees kill bams! The alliance bams are actually difficult, but they are less tedious than farming trees. Each bam will drop an average of 15g, so that is 30g per boost. They also drop 4-6 fine cruxes. Red Fine Cruxes can be sold at about 3g each. On average I get about 3 Red Cruxes a bam. That means an Alliance bam gives about 40g. Kill 10 bams, and that's 400g.